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Synonyms for inured

Synonyms for inured

made tough by habitual exposure

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Athos, foreseeing the period when he should make a soldier of the viscount, had inured him to all kinds of arduous undertakings.
The swiftest of them, however, are those obtained from the whites while sufficiently young to become acclimated and inured to the rough service of the mountains.
Rebecca's cookery and Rebecca's waiting, and Betsey's eating at table without restraint, and pulling everything about as she chose, were what Fanny herself was not yet enough inured to for her often to make a tolerable meal.
Johnson camped cheerfully in them, sleeping soundly--too soundly sometimes--upon their trundle-beds, like the sturdy old soldier of fortune that he was, inured to hardship and all careless of himself.
Eleanor's countenance was dejected, yet sedate; and its composure spoke her inured to all the gloomy objects to which they were advancing.
Pakistan Army responded effectively to the attack and killed five Indian soldiers and inured many others.
Rescue 1122 rushed to the scene and shifted the bodies and inured to nearby hospital.
Four persons namely Ghulam Murtaza, Irfan, Ghulam Mustafa and Yasin were inured in the accident.
Doctors said that the condition of five inured was very dangerous.
The condition of some inured was stated to be serous.
21 (BNA): The Sultanate has strongly condemned the terrorist attack near Al Azhar Al Sharif in Cairo that left a number of people dead and inured others.
Innocents who, as Agnon once put it, "the enemy was not worthy even to touch." Yet, the details of this particular tragedy shocks even ears inured to such news.
During clashes, Israeli troops used live ammunitions and rubber-coated metal bullets against the youths near Al-Quds University in Abu Deis town, leaving a number of them inured and suffocated, it added.
administration and the friendly American people, wishing the inured a quick recovery.
According to details, the inured of mourning of Moharram, flu, high blood pressure, fever and abdominal disordered patients have been brought to the Rawalpindi Hospital in the last two days who were duly medicated and discharged.