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move upwards in bubbles, as from the effect of heating

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To meet this need, a high-temperature intumescent material was developed that will intumesce only when local temperatures exceed 200[degrees]C.
Upon exposure to fire, the material begins to intumesce (expand rapidly) in response to heat by beginning a process of evaporative cooling and charring on the surface of the coating.
Nos irados, porem, a ira, incitando a alma, intumesce de colera os olhos e a face e os incendeia em cor; todos os membros, enquanto maior e a furia, mais se atiram em ousadia.
This technology uses organic components that intumesce snd form a non-flammable char in a fire to prevent flaking off and provides thermal protection.
These react to the heat generated during a fire and intumesce, or swell up, to provide a tough and stable insulating layer of the steel which can prevent it from buckling for at least one hour.