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move upwards in bubbles, as from the effect of heating

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To meet this need, a high-temperature intumescent material was developed that will intumesce only when local temperatures exceed 200[degrees]C.
Upon exposure to fire, the material begins to intumesce (expand rapidly) in response to heat by beginning a process of evaporative cooling and charring on the surface of the coating.
These react to the heat generated during a fire and intumesce, or swell up, to provide a tough and stable insulating layer of the steel which can prevent it from buckling for at least one hour.
This technology uses organic components that intumesce snd form a non-flammable char in a fire to prevent flaking off and provides thermal protection.
An illustrated 80-page technical presentation describes nano technology using titanate and zirconate coupling agents to couple nano particulates, pigments and fibers, catalyze, regenerate and copolymerize, flame retard, intumesce and phosphatize, functionalize and make UV reactive, and provide superior process efficiency.