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thoughtfulness about your own situation and feelings

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Aside from the physical marks and the visible scars in some of the scenes (on children or adults) which depict violence in childhoods, the most depicted consequences of such violence shown on the videos were: shame, silence, loneliness, introspectiveness, insecurity, hurt, sadness and fear.
05); comparing the extreme score introspectiveness score and react score of the control group after treatment with that before treatment the difference was not statistically significant (P greater than 0.
From this momentary introspectiveness emerged a rich and varied analysis of the nature and role of capitalism and markets and the ways in which we might reassess those institutions in the light of the GFC.
If contradiction represents his transcendence of dogma, and the personal in art exemplifies his candidness, self-parody may be nothing less than a gesture of introspectiveness, to unleash the contradictions within, bravely exposed to the world.
In the backdrop of an Orwellian tragedy for ordinary Tamils, who have been under the tyranny of their political representatives, the TNA continues to deny them an opportunity to move out of decades of introspectiveness and political self-flagellation, promising that they could deliver them from Sinhala tyranny if they continue to vote for them and keep them in power.
The singer is well known for her unique blend of country music storytelling, folky introspectiveness and bluegrass energy.
What is fascinating about him is not as much his youthfulness as his introspectiveness.