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(psychoanalysis) parental figures (and their values) that you introjected as a child

incorporate (attitudes or ideas) into one's personality unconsciously

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Topological security presents a grim outlook for radical politics: it introjects expressions of creative, transgressive potential the force of the outside--and thus makes critique itself the method for surviving the Anthropocene.
The Removal step allows the Vaded state to choose whether or not it wants the introject to remain in its specific inner space.
In this existential horizon no spirit is an introject or an intrapsychic object or a un/conscious image.
Feelings of guilt may cause the subject to reject the object rather than to introject it.
Moreover, those who had perceived their transfer to the sibling as an abandonment or rejection, may not have succeeded in forming the stable, positive introject of the mother which would have allowed them to reassure or comfort themselves.
Unlike the child who introjects the absent mother and then uses language to recall her, the depressive insists on tasting the irrecoverable food, hearing the soothing voice, having the object that satisfies and makes describing it unnecessary.
Although the painter tries to introject life itself into the painting and to immure her alive in it, the portrait instead becomes an encryptment in which death rather than life is buried alive.
In melancholy, according to Kristeva, we introject abjection as dejection in order to avoid killing the mother, by keeping her inside us as corpse or abjected rem(a)inder.
The demotion activated an introject which was formed due to the trauma he experienced as a child (his grandmother being very aggressive), which aggravated his performance anxiety.
Henry and Strupp (1994) found sufficient evidence to assert "a theoretically coherent link between early actions by parents toward the therapist, the therapist's adult introject state, vulnerability to counter-therapeutic process with their patients and differential outcome" [of a treatment] (p.
To parody Beyond the Pleasure Principle, chaos theory simply implies that we can introject a lot more disorder than we thought we could cope with using the binding mechanisms of older science.
To introject a wish, a grief, or a situation is to dispose of it through language in a communion of empty mouths.
One must therefore posit, besides inhibition, a qualitatively different and at present completely unknown influence of the introject upon the partial subject that results in the hypnotic state.
If then we ask if this poem allows the poet, in the language of Abraham and Torok, to take within himself the part of himself contained in what has been lost, the answer would have to be that the poet will introject this misrepresented part of himself only at considerable peril to his psychic health.
The ego desires to introject into itself that which is perceived as good and eject that which is perceived as bad.