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a composition of vocal music that is appropriate for opening church services

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The Sunday School Anniversary on Sunday was led by Mrs Elaine Hale, opening with an introit of Jesus Stand Among Us.
Our service began with the choir walking in amidst the buzz of friendly conversation, and before being seated, singing a short introit of praise to God, which brought order to the assembly.
In the second column of the verso comes the rubric marking the beginning of the Mass for Feria 2 and the notated introit Introduxit vos dominus.
This announcement translated into the introit to my personal Requiem.
The historic Introit and Gradual texts were preserved in TLH and SBH.
They start with what they remember, running to the back of the church, in this case the chantry, of Grace Episcopal Church in Manhattan, and then they process in singing the Introit.
The marginal decoration at the bottom of the page, which opens the introit to the Mass for Christmas Day, includes the annunciation to the shepherds (Pierpont Morgan Library, M.
Following the Introit "When I survey the wonderous cross", worship leader Lesley Baxter outlined the meaning and symbolism of the cross before reading about the Last Supper from Matthew's Gospel and placing the symbols of bread and wine on the cross.
He has adopted an even more radical solution for the anonymous Mass Requiem eternam: a Gloria, Credo, and Sanctus from a four-voice tenor Mass on the familiar introit from the Mass for the Dead.
After the greeting, psalmody took the place of the Introit and the later Gradual.
Words to the doxology, introit and other familiar songs should be provided for visitors.
The introit hymn "To God Be the Glory" was followed by Martyn's welcome.
The Introit hymn Jesus Where Thy People Meet was followed with opening Prayers and Bible readings by Olive Houghton and Dorothy Verlander, from Jeremiah and Corinthians.
The linking of oral processes to tightly constructed formulaic genres, however, becomes problematic if applied to nonformulaic genres such as the introit, offertory, and communion.
The congregation's attention is gained, with an introit by the choir upon their entrance.