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Synonyms for introduce

Synonyms for introduce

to make known socially

to make known the presence or arrival of

to put forward (a topic) for discussion

to bring into currency, use, fashion, or practice

to put or set into, between, or among another or other things

to begin (something) with preliminary or prefatory material

Synonyms for introduce

bring something new to an environment

bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment


bring in or establish in a new place or environment

bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc

put before (a body)

Related Words

furnish with a preface or introduction

be a precursor of

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In beginning of 2006, in Thailand, Honda will introduce a new automatic transmission model equipped with a Combined Brake System (known as CBS, or the front and rear wheel interlocking brake system), which distributes an appropriate balance of front and rear wheel braking force only with left brake lever (rear wheel).
Marketing efforts are underway to introduce this item to military, law enforcement, search and rescue and civilian customers both here at home and overseas.
Assume a frantic air, and invent an emergency: "Oh, dear, I think the dog just ate my gerbil." Then say, "Could you, please introduce yourselves?" as you rush from the room.
For ambidextrous comfort, Microsoft introduces Wireless Optical Mouse with a new three-button design in three vibrant colors, Metallic Red, Periwinkle and Steel Blue, and one graphic, Blue Moon.
However, this introduces network complexities that must first be addressed.
Rangel (D-N.Y.) joined forces to introduce a euphemistically named "Religious Political Freedom Act." The legislation would allow churches and religious nonprofits to spend up to 5 percent of their budgets on partisan political activity.
1948 - The open ladle treatment method was the first method used to introduce Mg to molten iron.
Arburg will introduce its new All-rounder C Golden Edition press line.
1919 - Saito and Hayashi introduce the spiral fluidity test.
For large-volume industrial applications, Graham Engineering will introduce a five-head "shot pot" machine (SPM series) that extrudes five monolayer parisons weighing 4.8 lb each.
Gabler of Germany (represented here by Lyle Industries) will introduce the 50-in.
Basell Polyolefins will introduce new PP resins for frozen-food packaging.
Italian firm with new North American subsidiary will introduce EcoDry central-cooling approach that minimizes energy and water consumption.