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formally making a person known to another or to the public

a brief introductory passage to a piece of popular music

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The first six rows in Table II present the main variables of interest, including BUY AMOUNT, SELL AMOUNT, NET AMOUNT, INTRO TONE, MANAGER Q&A TONE, and ANALYST Q&A TONE.
The 2016 dates for the Intro to Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking) Course are:
The reason why I'm so pissed off on them is that they have completely spoiled our 64 scene, now THANX to the YANKS everybody wants the game super-fast, they don't even look at the game, they just bang their intro on it and send it off and getting the false satisfaction that they're big pirates.
Bedlington's Alex Maben, who won the intro championship class and prelim championship <Bclass at Lane Farm's Seasons Dressage Championships
Users of the service are required to disable Intro else their email accounts won't work normally after the shutdown date, the report added.
Echoing back to the AABA song form, and the "get-to-the-chorusquick" mentality, 33 (24%) of the songs started on the chorus/hook with little or no musical introduction, and 12 songs (9%) had a brief musical intro but went straight to the chorus.
and now running Teesside promoters and micro-label Pay For The Piano, said: "In some ways it's a shame that there won't be an Intro festival this year but, thankfully, Teesside's music scene is thriving at the moment and there's another 364 days in the year that will be jam-packed full of emerging and established talent.
I like the haunted house sound in the intro, it has a good catchy chorus.
This new DVD covers: * Picking a healthy pup, * House/crate training, * Intro to throwers, * Intro to guns, * Intro to birds, * Intro to water, and MORE
Leona Lewis opens the song with Rod Stewart and Mariah Carey following its emotional intro.
Such openings don't compel people to stay and watch--they're all too busy looking for the skip intro button that they miss it anyway.
This package consists of two books, CCNA INTRO exam certification guide and CCNA ICND exam certification guide, and two companion CD-ROMs containing a test engine for taking practice exams from INTRO, ICND, or unified CCNA test banks.
Other successes include coming 3rd in the Intro class at Bishop Burton in May and winning the Intro at Draycott House in June.
Dba purchased the remaining 40% stake in LTU German Airlines held by Rewe Group through the Intro Verwaultungs investment concern belonging to Hans Rudolf Woehrl, dba's largest shareholder.