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belonging to a thing by its very nature

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Definitions 4-8 make good sense even if M is a finite-dimensional manifold and then provide the well-known intrinsical approach to determined systems of differential equations.
(2) In many practical applications of data mining, intrinsical low dimensional data often lie in a very high dimensional space.
When proposals for this measuring system being prepared, some demands had to be fulfilled, e.g., reliability and credibility of recorded seismic signals, objectivity of determined parameters, fulfilling of conditions of intrinsical safety because the mines in the OKCB are gassy mines.
This reasoning, ab initio, leads, as it very seems, to an intrinsical proper time reasoning under the perspective of what was being seen, locally, by the satellite at its very location.
The seven scales provided information about the Amotivation Dimension, the Extrinsical Motivation (which includes the External Regulation, the Introjection, and the Identification dimensions), and the Intrinsical Motivation factor, composed itself by the motivation: To Know, To Acomplish, and To Experience things.