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Synonyms for intriguer

a person who devises plots or intrigues


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a Man ambitious as Julius Caesar, a subtle intriguer.
If Stalin was a gifted actor, he was also an intriguer par excellence.
Regarding his character, he is an intriguer, jabberer, and demagogue; [he places] his well-being above all; he falls easily under the influence of other foreign students.
As Jonathan Schneer observes, two of Churchill's war cabinet members--the extreme (and extremely eccentric) socialist, Stafford Cripps, and the habitual intriguer, Lord Beaverbrook--apparently (i.
John played an important role in both the political and cultural world, at home and abroad: scholar, poet, orator, statesman, historian, intriguer, libertine, celebrity.
Unlike the role of infernal intriguer attributed to Satan throughout the Judeo-Christian tradition, his role in the poem is to be "[.
De l'autre, j'appelle a faire intriguer plusieurs maisons d'editions marocaines qui vont organiser par la suite une caravane du livre dans tout le royaume chaque dernier weekend du mois en invitant des artistes, des ecrivains, dans les differentes regions du Maroc ainsi que toute l Afrique, en comptant sur le travail du benevolat pour motiver plus les gens a la lecture.
As introduced in Part I, Boris Brasol was a one-time Imperial Russian judicial official and military officer who spent much of his life as a tireless promoter of anti-Jewish hatred and inveterate intriguer.
It focused upon her gender and her need for conditions that were 'fit' for her 'quality', subtly alluding to the ill-treatment of the royalist intriguer, Katherine Stuart (nee Howard), Lady d'Aubigny by the Parliament, who was by then imprisoned in the Tower for her role as emissary in the Waller plot; presumably this set for Harley's besiegers a precedent for revenge upon a Parliament gentrywoman.
Intriguer Abdullah languished in jail for 11 years and so was the case with leaders belonging to Muslim Conference.
He called Kuzmin-Karavaev 'a vain and stupid man, an inveterate intriguer and muddle-headed politician.
I am neither a conspirator nor an intriguer but believe in politics with honour and dignity, he added.
And so, the defense minister's new image has gradually consolidated: arrogant, aloof, condescending, a habitual intriguer against his fellow ministers and political partners who is constantly accused of corruption, although, unlike many of his colleagues, he has never been indicted for any crime.
Ahora apuesto a que Intriguer, un disco que ademas tiene la escasa virtud de ser muy parejo, sera tambien inolvidable para muchos.
Au fil des decennies, il n'est pas une generation d'erudits et d'universitaires qui ne se soit laissee intriguer par l'eglise de Rieux.