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Egyptologist Fletcher became intrigued in 2002 when she heard of a mummy that had been entombed in the Valley of the Kings wearing a wig--a symbol of importance that Fletcher had studied extensively.
Yet, when I came across this book that promised to explain it all to me, I was immediately intrigued.
So I was intrigued to play a character in which he discovers fairly hard-hitting revelations about himself, especially when he now has a chance to live a different life.
Even after 10 years on the show, Dianne continues to be intrigued by the stories of entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economy.
Howard Weiner, now a professor at Harvard University, who's been intrigued by multiple sclerosis since he was a neurology resident in 1971.
Aysem Sunal is admirable in her virginal discovery of her own womanhood and Priit Kripson is an intrigued and intriguing Pygmalion.
Whatever you may already know about the life of Japan's greatest swordsman, you will find yourself intrigued and able to learn more in the pages of Mr.