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Synonyms for intrenchment

an entrenched fortification

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He did not, however, stop, but continued his course to the intrenchments.
He was down, with his head lower than his legs, among the bushes, and the Arabs began to think of leaving their intrenchments to come and cut off his head or take his body - as is the custom with the infidels.
Suddenly a squadron of cavalry galloped up to encounter the royal troops, who were entering, pele-mele, the intrenchments with the fugitives.
The captain cleared his throat; mentally assembled his entire army of words -horse, foot, artillery, and reserves; put himself at the head; and dashed into action, to carry the moral intrenchments of Society by a general charge.
Forced back to his intrenchments, the father made the serious mistake of telling his daughter that her future husband was certain of becoming Rabourdin "de something or other" before he reached the age of admission to the Chamber.
For the watercolours, see the 'England and Wales' series drawings Salisbury, from Old Sarum Intrenchment of around 1828, with its allusion to Christ as shepherd; Stoneyhurst College, lancashire of April-May 1829; Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire of the winter of 1831-32; and Coventry, Warwickshire of around 1832, all of which are discussed in detail in Eric Shanes, Turnerer's England, London, 1990, pp.
The streams include Proctor, Utoy, Tanyard, Clear, and Intrenchment creeks and a portion of South River.
Intrenchment Creek water pollution control plant had cockroaches, millions of them.