intravenous pyelogram

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X-ray picture of the kidneys and ureters after injection of a radiopaque dye


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Depending on your particular symptoms and history, your health care professional may perform a cystoscopy, in which a view instrument is inserted through the urethra into the bladder; a biopsy, in which tissue is removed for evaluation; an intravenous pyelogram, in which an x-ray is taken of the urinary tract enhanced with a radioactive dye; a urodynamic test, in which the bladder is filled with air or liquid and then emptied in order to measure function; imaging using magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography techniques.
Intravenous pyelogram revealed a left renal mass, which was confirmed by abdominal and pelvic computed tomographic scan.
In order to find the cause of hematuria, or to rule out certain causes, the doctor may order a series of tests, including urinalysis, blood tests, intravenous pyelogram, and cystoscopic examination.
For example, an intravenous pyelogram can be ordered automatically for any patient with elevated BUN and plasma creatinine.
B: Intravenous pyelogram revealing bilateral bladder diverticulum with 7 x 7 cm at left inferior and 1 x 2 cm at right inferior portion (arrows).
Intravenous pyelogram showed bilateral hydroureter, for which bilateral D-J stenting must be done prior to the surgery.
An intravenous pyelogram revealed a left ureteral injury; the patient was transferred to another hospital for stent placement.
We were unable to perform an intravenous pyelogram because of the high creatinine levels.
We pick up a lot more [minor] scarring with our modern day DMSA scanning versus traditional intravenous pyelogram imaging studies.
Subsequent evaluation including intravenous pyelogram and cystoscopy found 2 men with infections--1 with bladder cancer and 1 with polycystic kidneys.
Enhanced spiral CT scans are now considered superior to the traditional intravenous pyelogram for detecting urinary stones or perirenal infections.
In such cases, an intravenous pyelogram should be obtained to assess the extent of the endometriosis, Dr.
Cystoscopy of the bladder showed trabeculation, and the results of intravenous pyelogram were normal.
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