intravenous feeding

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administration of nutrients through a vein


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Intravenous feeding is keeping Robbie alive - but it is not a cure.
Six momarsa for the supply of (a) human albumin, (b) different type sterilized tubes, (c) general purpose requisites for the laboratories, (d) general purpose chemicals for the same, (e) medicines for pharmaceutical intravenous feeding, also (f) stickers for the blood bags.
Glucose-containing intravenous feeding was initiated due to longstanding vomiting, weight loss (5kg) and nutritional deficiency.
They can choose in advance the types of medical interventions they'll allow, like CPR or a respirator or an intravenous feeding tube.
Many of these preemies, particularly those whose tiny digestive systems are simply too underdeveloped to handle mother's milk or infant formula, may need to be nourished exclusively via intravenous feeding, known as "total parenteral nutrition," or TPN.
Millie is currently in hospital having intravenous feeding so that she can become strong enough to undergo a stem cell transplant, which will replace the bone marrow cells which have been killed by the chemotherapy.
Maisie Waters died after her intravenous feeding machine was wrongly programmed to dispense 24-hours of feed in 60 minutes.
These actions range from delivering a nutritional assessment applicable to many patients through to complex medical treatment for example long term intravenous feeding for complicated cases such as Stephanie's.
In order to maintain the functions of his organs, doctors daily flow in Batashov's body specific solutions for intravenous feeding and powerful immune stimulants.
Farinas has been kept alive through intravenous feeding.
PATIENTS are suffering as a result of "major deficiencies" in the way hospitals organise intravenous feeding, a report finds today.
Developed by the Regional Medical Physics Department aS nd Special Care Baby Unit at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the new neonatal device aims to increase the accuracy and reliability of positioning tips of intravenous feeding tubes to give babies medication and food.
In 11 included studies, seven different antiemetics were evaluated, and children who received ondansetron were less likely to have on-going vomiting, be prescribed intravenous feeding, or be admitted to hospital from the emergency department.
Sometimes, nausea and vomiting can be so severe that they result in hospitalization and intravenous feeding.
He describes links made between the big bang theory and divine creation, analyzes attempts to deal with science more constructively during the papacy of John Paul II, and discusses recent challenges in areas such as artificial contraception, intravenous feeding, cloning, and stem cell research.
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