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relating to or existing within the boundaries of a state


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Deliveries of natural gas into the Agua Dulce area will include points into KMTP's existing Gulf Coast network, Kinder Morgan-owned intrastate affiliates (KM Tejas and KM Border pipelines), the Spectra Valley Crossing pipeline, the NET Mexico header and other intrastate and interstate natural gas pipelines.
New amendments to facilitate regional offerings took hold in January and amendments to provide more flexibility for intrastate crowdfunding offerings will go into effect in April.
Energy assets company American Midstream Partners (NYSE:AMID) reported on Monday the launch of a non-binding open season for a planned 45-mile extension of the Magnolia Intrastate pipeline to transport up to 500,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas for delivery to a major interstate pipeline beginning in 2019.
As shown below, neutrality arises when each state's combined tax treatment of its inbound and outbound interstate transactions is as favorable as its tax treatment of its intrastate transactions.
The National Law Review reported that the new CDIs reveal the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s stance regarding the use of Internet crowdfunding portals and the use of websites and social media in connection with intrastate crowdfunding offerings.
Several other states have considered similar measures related to intrastate gun manufacturing and use.
In addition to the interstate agreement (state-to-state), an intrastate model mutual aid agreement is also available.
KMP's Texas intrastate system is comprised of approximately 6,000 miles of pipelines with a peak transport and sales capacity of about 5.
In states that provide for the imposition of local sales and use taxes, destination-based sourcing for intrastate sales can create significant burdens for sellers.
While Californians sit idling in ever-worsening traffic, or waiting at increasingly jammed airports, the authority has finalized a bold plan for overhauling intrastate transit by way of 700 miles of high-speed rail lines, with trains traveling as fast as 220 miles an hour.
WITH ITS LOW-COST structure, Southwest Airlines, started in 1971 as an intrastate airline in Texas, has become an industry powerhouse.
But Lad Lorenz, director of capacity and operation planning for SoCalGas, disputed Friedman's contention that the state needs more intrastate gas pipelines.
Army Corps of Engineers has no jurisdiction over nonnavigable, isolated intrastate wetlands.
Because the TCPA does not preempt and Congress expressly intended it to coexist with state telemarketing law, there has been confusion regarding the application of the TCPA to intrastate telemarketing calls and fax advertisements.
Congress also eliminated the state's power to regulate the trucking industry by limiting authorization to offer intrastate services within a state and by setting rates.