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Synonyms for intraspecific

arising or occurring within a species


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Moreover, Tilman and Karevia (2005) have emphasized that intraspecific aggregation can changes the frequency of inter- or intra-specific encounters and thus contributes to species coexistence.
The results of PCoA and CA identified high intraspecific similarities with few exceptions.
Preliminary report on genetic improvement of Heterobranchus longifilis through Intraspecific Hybridization of different strains from Nigeria.
Indeed, a review of studies on intraspecific predation found 65 intances of increased predation rates due to overcrowding or high population densities (Polis, 1981), and one explanation for this observation was that at higher population densities there is an increased frequency in which conspecifics violate minimum distances for intraspecific space use (Polis, 1981).
In the first one, the degree of discrimination was successful when the minimum interspecific distance was larger than the maximum intraspecific distance, a similar approach proposed by Hollingsworth et al.
size, colour, and shape of glance penis) are subjected to the intraspecific variations (Shenbrot 2009).
Mauremys' group preserved in Boutersem provides new data on the intraspecific variability of this taxon.
Lingham-Soliar (2004) referenced healed mandibular fractures to propose possible prey items or intraspecific behaviors in extinct mosasaurs.
Converseky, there are reports citing that as intraspecific competition increases, there is an inverse relationship between the number of plants and plant yield (LOPES et al.
Among the gastropods, however, current data are minimal for interspecific and intraspecific scaling relationships.
However, variation in intraspecific competition is directly related to plant distribution in the area through the variation of the spacing between rows and between plants in the row (Brachtvogel et al.
An F2 population was developed by an intraspecific crossing between drought tolerant genotype (FH-207) and drought susceptible genotype (FH-901) of Gossypium hirsutum.
However, relatively little is known about intraspecific interactions, particularly competition between adult and juvenile age classes.
Many species of herons have been observed to engage in interspecific and intraspecific kleptoparasitism (Kushlan, 1978; Collins, 2006), but this appears to be the first report of interspecific kleptoparasitism by a swimming ardeid.