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arising or occurring within a species


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The quantitative and non-quantitative data on intraspecific variation were received from thin sections by using the biometry and data on intracorallum variation were obtained from peels.
In 2000 and 2001, 650- by 650-m field trials were sown in separate fields at the KCRF, University of Saskatchewan approximately 2 km from the intraspecific gene flow experiments.
The purpose of this article is to assess this cross-fertilization of ideas and pay particular attention to intraspecific competition.
marginata from the high marsh is triggered by a combination of deteriorating plant quality and crowding, both intraspecific crowding and interspecific crowding from P.
We integrate long-term descriptive and experimental data and specifically address effects of inter- and intraspecific kelp density on these parameters in different depths and years, integrating time and space with an evaluation of the roles of large-scale oceanographic processes.
An analysis of size and intraspecific and interspecific interplant differences showed that S.
Given the strong biogeographic patterns observed at Point Conception, genetic analyses of species spanning the Oregonian and Californian provinces may provide a strong test of the proposed concordance of intraspecific phylogeography with biogeographic boundaries.
Although no intraspecific polymorphisms were detected in karyotypes examined during this study, larger sample sizes with wider geographic representation would be required to accurately assess intraspecific variation.
The result showed that the interspecific genetic distance was 0.000-0.248 among 12 kinds of Channidae species, while the maximum was 0.002 and the intraspecific genetic distance was 0.000 (Supplementary Table SI).
Intraspecific predation, more generally known as cannibalism, is a common behavior exhibited by numerous insect taxa (Fox, 1975; Polis, 1981).
The selection of a favorable site for the construction of these traps is based mainly on the availability of dry and sandy soil, the availability of prey and intraspecific competition (Prado et al., 1993; Faria et al., 1994).
We document the intraspecific genetic structure of the burnished-buff tanager (Tangara cayana), a species common in seasonally dry tropical forests throughout South America.
The accumulated variations at these loci do not appear to be enough for a sharp distinction since rates are close to the intraspecific variation ones.
Keywords: Cumin; Fusarium wilt; Intraspecific variation; Pathogenicity; PCR-RFLP