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Furthermore, because sex, age, and other characteristics could possibly contribute to an intraspecies variance of the [DELTA]pH values, further research in establishing such subcategories could enhance the depth of data for cholinesterase activity.
Yet a far too common and ultimately avoidable cause of irreproducible biomedical research is the widespread use of misidentified (including intraspecies and interspecies cross-contamination) or mislabeled cell lines.
plana population in control plot was primary contributed by mortality of the pest due to abiotic and biotic factors such as weather condition, natural enemies, intraspecies competition and migration that were presumed to naturally suppress the bagworms population in the field.
In terms of the usual deterministic approach of dose-response assessment, the determination of the point of departure (POD) may be regarded as the first part and the extrapolations addressed by uncertainty factors (interspecies, intraspecies, subchronic-to-chronic, etc.
secA1 gene sequence polymorphisms for species identification of Nocardia species and recognition of intraspecies genetic diversity.
landscapes with perennial vegetation and greater interspecies and intraspecies diver-sity--are generally superior with respect to their numerous regulating, supporting, and provisioning ecosystem services relevant to agriculture, including nutrient and carbon retention and water uptake efficiency, regulation of pest populations, and net primary productivity.
Examples of interspecies transmission of influenza viruses include: recent human and dog infections with the H5N1 subtype avian influenza virus [6]; canine infections with the H3N8 equine influenza virus in recent years [7, 8, 9]; transmission of a complete avian influenza virus (H3N2) to dogs and its successive intraspecies transmission between dogs [6, 10, 11]; or experimental infection of dogs with H9N2 (avian influenza) [12].
jj] (j = 1, 2) is the intraspecies scattering length of the j-th hyperfine state and [U.
In all instances the identities of intraspecies homologous 18S rDNA regions from isolates from this study and from GenBank sequences were [greater than or equal to] 99.
5) The psychopath is an intraspecies predator, and peoples' visceral reaction to them--"they made the hair stand up on my neck"--is an early warning system driven by fear of being prey to a predator.
Up to this point, Bayard's companionable bond with his master accentuates their shared agenda and values, a bond that exemplifies the aristocratic in human and animal, whose chivalric values enforce a similarity between animals and humans of the best degree and minimize the intraspecies connections between classes.