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Synonyms for intransitivity

the grammatical relation created by an intransitive verb

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On the contrary, intransitivity is defined as the impossibility of a verb to allow a second NP.
11) This intransitivity is perfectly comprehensible:
The major difficulty in dealing with death within a text is precisely death's intransitivity, which is not a feature of writing, as has been claimed above.
He suggests that "the best way to avoid intransitivity in our all-things-considered judgements will be .
I would say that the analysis, elaboration, and bringing into question of power relations and the 'agonism' between power relations and intransitivity of freedom is a permanent political task inherent in all social relations" (qtd in Silberstein 5-6).
Table 1 shows that for males and k = 3, the three groups could be combined for 15 analytes, two of the three combined for 9 analytes, none combined for 1 analyte (creatinine), and that intransitivity occurred for 8 analytes.
The most famous example of an intransitivity, leading to what is known as "cycling," is Condorcet's Paradox.
Therefore, to search for intransitivity in the observed data, the consistency of data with SARP is recommended.
In queer theory, "queer" has become exactly the crossover vacuum that the song produces as a kind of transitive intransitivity.
The Vedic -ya-Presents: Passives and Intransitivity in Old lndo-Aryan.
This is due to the fact that (2) is an example of intransitivity, and that, as is well known, at least in those quarters, is equivalent to irrationality.
Kortvely notes that in Selkup the two existing conjugations are connected, first of all, in accordance with the intransitivity or transitivity of the verb or the linguistic situation, e.
Split intransitivity, linking, and lexical representation: the case of Yucatec Maya.
The NLAD account is proposed on the grounds that the individual has the cognitive apparatus to construct an overall ordinal utility function [phi]([delta]) and is able to choose according to an ordering implied by an aggregate of multidimensional net difference so that intransitivity is originated.
As with Whitman's other basic poetic and stylistic devices, such grammatical preferences are strong enough to assimilate all other lesser rhetorical effects, so that the poetry in general shares the atmosphere of cohering intransitivity.