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a verb (or verb construction) that does not take an object

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Macfarland (1995), for instance, does not consider the behaviour of die exceptional because, after comparing it with its synonym perish, she concludes that die is an intransitive verb of the unergative type and, as a consequence, unaccusative intransitive verbs are to be ruled out completely from the COC.
The subjects of intransitive verbs always take Nominative or Dative case.
In this paper I show how transitivity and intransitivity are not directly related to auxiliary selection for Italian compound tenses: in Italian, while transitive verbs only select avere, intransitive verbs can select both avere or essere.
Maybe he could tell me if the meaning of twitter, as both intransitive verb and noun, is truly lost on everyone or I just missed an important cultural memo.
It functions as a subject if it occurs with an intransitive verb, and as an agent if it occurs with a transitive verb.
Taylor (1989, 211) draws the reader's attention to the possibility of converting an intransitive verb into a transitive one, the latter being among the transitive verb members that are more marginal.
107, we find example (57), in which bee the CP of boon 'to be, become' is used to form an adverb, in this example modifying an intransitive verb.
unmarked) undergoer orientation with both transitive and intransitive verb roots.
With an intransitive verb denoting an internally caused eventuality, some property inherent to the argument of the verb is 'responsible' for bringing about the eventuality.
In explaining the verb 'gyes pa, Duff fails to recognize it as an intransitive verb and translate his example sentence (shing pa sta re gyis shing bcad nas gyes pa) as "the woodsman cut the tree into pieces with his axe" when in reality we have a subject change: "the woodsman cut the wood and it split.
if Dante turns an intransitive verb into a transitive verb, I attempt to do the same.
I am excruciatingly aware that millions of Americans seem unable to distinguish between lie, an intransitive verb that means 'repose,' and lay, a transitive verb that means 'put.
Home, as an intransitive verb, means "to go or return home"--as in, "The pigeon faithfully homed in on its destination.
Verbs that only occur in the passive voice are noted, and transitive and intransitive verbs are noted as is information, for example, about whether an intransitive verb is followed by a prepositional phrase or by a specified adverb.
And then when they sit down at the computer they'll see that pink Magic Marker blinking in their face every time they write an intransitive verb or a weak transition.