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occurring within an institution or community


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In the year ended 31 December 2014, Fokker Electrical reported revenue of[euro]162 million (before intragroup eliminations) and operational EBIT of[euro]16 million.
Specifically, such intragroup evolution is shaped by nonrandom deviations from the existing set of rules.
He has 20 years of experience advising businesses on intragroup transfer pricing policies, transfer pricing planning opportunities, and business and intangible valuation issues.
As the participants in the present study felt most comfortable socializing with Muslims or other South Asians, further research may want to study how intragroup discrimination affects the mental and physical well-being of minority populations.
8m, the introduction of GE headquarters intragroup service charge payment of PS6.
Intragroup propping can be undertaken in both direct and indirect ways.
In sum, the regulatory segmentation of a banking group along national lines could put in question the sustainability of the intragroup activity characteristic of the centralized model.
The preamble to the proposed regulations states that "in most cases, the general rule that disregards intragroup transactions for both gross receipts and QREs furthers the statutory purpose.
This same analysis demonstrated 2 additional clusters among HBoV2 isolates from Chile whose intragroup average nucleotide identity reached 99.
According to them, emotions play a very important role in the intragroup conflict.
Intragroup marginalization, or "the downgrading and discrimination that more privileged group members have towards other, less privileged group members" (Harris, 2009, p.
Out of total FDI, intragroup loans amounted to EUR 646 million and equity stakes consolidated with the estimated net loss to EUR 300 million.
In each favorable letter ruling, the IRS allowed the taxpayer to eliminate intercompany gain that was deferred but that otherwise could have been triggered, possibly inadvertently, upon subsequent intragroup restructurings.
Current research focuses on the following categories: perceiving versus doing evil, intrapsychic factors, dyadic processes, intragroup processes, intergroup processes, and the blending of cognitive and emotive factors in moral judgments.
This dislocation contributed to the engagement in risky behaviors tied to suicide, intragroup homicide, and substance abuse.