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occurring within an institution or community


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The intragroup comparison of adults with stuttering (RG) showed a statistically significant difference between NAF and DAF conditions only for stuttering-like disfluencies.
Intragroup comparison of the treatment group patients showed a statistically significant difference between the BRS-hand scores in the third month before and after the treatment (p[less than or equal to]0.
01 (A) - L20 - - p-value (e) - For intragroup comparison, capital shifts were used.
In return for an initial cash payment of USD 4m, Avocet will transfer the entity holding its interest in the Tri-K mining and exploration permits into Manacet SA, a joint venture (whose equity is to be shared 60%: 40% between Avocet and Managem), as well as transferring 40% of the intragroup loans associated with the project (amounting to approximately USD 14m) to Managem.
Polygon AB (STO:PAB001) announced on Thursday the grant of new security to the noteholders and the other secured parties over an intragroup loan as compensation for the security to be released in connection with the debt reorganisation of the Polygon group.
It is unclear what the funds were for, with documents said to claim only that it was to "repay intragroup indebtedness to BHS".
Three prominent themes emerged from individual participant interviews: the participant's motivation for participation, emotions associated with participation, and participant perceptions of intragroup dynamics.
In the intragroup evaluations, in Group A, a significant reduction was found in the periods before tourniquet release and after tourniquet release compared to the basal values (Table-II).
gender, race, socioeconomic background) affect one's perceptions of others or choices in the group and resolving inter- and intragroup disputes.
The endogenous mechanism, in contrast, works at the intragroup level and is shaped by the "competition between individuals.
Recently, research on team effectiveness has increasingly been focused on the nature of intragroup conflict (de Wit, Greer, & Jehn, 2012).
We find that earnings released by group member firms affect the stock prices of their nonannouncing group peers in a manner consistent with intragroup propping.