intradermal test

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a form of skin test in which the suspected allergen is injected into the skin

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Calismaya katilan 209 olgunun epidermal ve intradermal test sonuclari ile cinsiyet, yas, total IgE, faditop, yerlesim bolgesi, ari sokma sayisi, ari sokma zamani ve reaksiyon turlerine ait frekans degerleri Tablo 1 ve Grafik 1'de verilmistir.
The first documented case of possible fentanyl anaphylaxis appears to be by Pevny and Danhauser (125), where the diagnosis was supported by a positive intradermal test to the drug.
Liu GJ, Wang QP Application of intradermal test in diagnosing cysticercosis.
A skin prick test and an intradermal test are the most common tests used to identify an allergy.
Reproducibility and relationship between skin sensitivity estimated by end-point titration and histamine equivalent reaction using skin prick test and intradermal test.
Oyku ve klinik bulgular esliginde oncelikle OPD dusunulerek, taniya yonelik olarak, progesteron ile intradermal test planlandi.
Serial dilution quantitative intradermal testing, also referred to as skin endpoint titration (SET), is a modified intradermal test that uses specific antigen dilutions to establish the minimum amount of antigen required to produce a positive skin test, also referred to as the endpoint.
Immunotherapy is usually started with an intradermal test dose of 0.