intradermal test

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a form of skin test in which the suspected allergen is injected into the skin

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Intradermal test with one single dilution: Usually a 1:1000 weight/ volume dilution of the allergen is injected, and if reactive, the result is considered positive.
In severe anaphylaxis, prick and intradermal tests may be risky even though a long time has passed after the reaction (2, 14).
Calismaya katilan 209 olgunun epidermal ve intradermal test sonuclari ile cinsiyet, yas, total IgE, faditop, yerlesim bolgesi, ari sokma sayisi, ari sokma zamani ve reaksiyon turlerine ait frekans degerleri Tablo 1 ve Grafik 1'de verilmistir.
Liu GJ, Wang QP Application of intradermal test in diagnosing cysticercosis.
The length of time the movement restrictions stay in place depends on the severity of the disease, but they will until all bovine animals on the premises have had a second intradermal test a minimum of 42 days after the initial test.
If vaccination of a traveler with a questionable history of egg hypersensitivity is considered essential, an intradermal test dose may be administered under close medical supervision.
Historically, two types of skin tests have been used in TB screening programs: multiple-puncture tests (MPT) such as the Tine test and the Mantoux (PPD) intradermal test.
A Mantoux tuberculin intradermal test was positive for six of the 15 women who were tested.
Subsequently, intradermal test was done and test was proved to be positive at [10.
Currently, the most important diagnostic methods used for identifying allergens in atopic dogs are Intradermal test (Kim et al.
In such situations, "I would still avoid lidocaine and give mepivacaine if the intradermal test to mepivacaine was negative," Dr.
A skin prick test and an intradermal test are the most common tests used to identify an allergy.