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relating to areas between the layers of the skin

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Redness, firmness (induration), swelling, and itching (pruritus) at the vaccination site occur more frequently with Fluzone Intradermal vaccine than with Fluzone vaccine.
Because of the intradermal needle's smaller size, it is inserted directly under the skin rather than into the muscle, resulting in less muscle-ache and pain immediately following injection.
It is concluded from this study that an intradermal injection of RXI-109 is well tolerated, devoid of systemic toxic effects and results in minimal uptake in the systemic circulation.
NanoPass has also supported a pandemic flu phase I study sponsored by IDRI and Medicago, which investigated multiple strategies including intradermal delivery to improve immune responses and reduce doses for vaccination for the H5 pandemic flu vaccine.
NanoPass is the developer of MicronJet600(TM), an FDA-registered intradermal microneedles device.
OTCBB:BJCT), a leading developer of needle-free injection therapy systems, announces its support for efforts to advance clinical research of intradermal delivery of vaccines in developing-country immunization programs.
For some vaccines, intradermal delivery has the potential to reduce the amount of vaccine required, leading to cost savings and expanded coverage for vaccines in limited supply.
Designed to help improve consistency and reliability of intradermal injections
The study involved 40 patients with warts who each received a single intradermal injection of the tuberculin skin test directly into one wart, and another 20 patients who received single intradermal injections of normal saline into one wart.
The patient opted to undergo allergy testing by skin endpoint titration (SET), also known as intradermal dilutional testing.
TSTs were performed by the standard Mantoux technique, that is, intradermal injection of purified protein derivative (5 tuberculin units/0.
GlobalData does not project that intradermal and intranasal vaccines will enter the Japan market during the forecast period, leaving all market dynamics between existing and new intramuscular vaccines.
However, subsequent intradermal skin testing twelve weeks later did not identify a causal drug.
Focal complete regression did not occur in benign "ordinary" nevi such as blue, compound, congenital compound, intradermal, and congenital intradermal nevi.
The intradermal skin test for blastomycosis has proved to be useless because of its low degree of specificity and sensitivity.