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within a department

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Security personnel thus operate in a system where cooperation and integration are often not championed and where career development is focused on intradepartmental proficiency rather than more comprehensive or substantive expertise.
The first step in establishing an effective intradepartmental response to domestic violence involves the leader demonstrating intolerance for such behavior, speaking out against it, and standing as an advocate for those who are harmed by it.
By comparison, the Los Angeles Police Department limits its coverage to Police Olympics, intradepartmental basketball and softball, and physical conditioning activities on department premises.
The most frequent potential organizational barrier on an intradepartmental level results from an incomplete view of interdepartmental benefits and costs.
Department of Health and Human Services has convened an intradepartmental viral hepatitis working group to improve the public health response to this disease.
This facilitates intradepartmental communication and creates a structure for resolving problems and disagreements that may occur between departments working on a common objective.
AMR Research, iBASEt and CSC Will Address the Importance of Intradepartmental and Global Integration in Today's Global Operations Network
Therefore, in this study we sought to describe in detail the use of IHC in routine evaluation of prostate needle biopsy practice in a tertiary academic institution and to examine the quality assurance implications of the use of IHC for HMWK and AMACR, such as the biopsy turnaround times when IHC was used, the final diagnosis rendered on specific cores, and the intradepartmental consultation performed in this setting, as well as the cost analysis of IHC for routine evaluation of prostate needle biopsies in our institution.
Express interest in the department/practice--ask detailed questions about equipment, upgrades, inter- and intradepartmental interactions, staffing support, what areas you will be covering, etc.
The district's efforts to build schools and the lack of clean sites in the city was the central issue in intradepartmental disputes.
Intradepartmental documents and policy manuals have been revised to reflect the important changes taking place in police agencies across America.
In a zero-sum decision-making environment, such a scenario has the potential to heighten intradepartmental tensions, often bringing them to a boiling point, as certain departments and functions tend to be harder hit by unexpected litigation expenses than others.
During that time, innumerable processes have been addressed, some small and intradepartmental and some large and institutionwide.
After using a majority of its existing cash to retire debt and provide an intradepartmental loan to the water system, the electric system will replenish its cash reserves by adjusting rates that will increase revenues by 10% in 2005 and with small inflation rate adjustments planned thereafter.
This combination, along with Candle's connector to Javelin Technologies' FIX engine, has created a standard interface that will allow our clients and intradepartmental message flows to interact seamlessly.