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In fact, in the presence of specific histological changes, positive intracutaneous test results, psychic disorder, onset of lesions associated with stress, and the absence of hematological disorders or systemic diseases, it is not difficult to diagnose ASS.
The researchers found that, while the subcutaneous injections were almost painless, the intracutaneous injections of sterile water caused a sharp 20 second long pain.
Candidate materials were further tested for cytopathic effects against embryonic cells, for systemic toxicity by intravenous and intraperitoneal injection in mice and intracutaneous irritation in rabbits, and for tissue reactions to subcutaneous and intramuscular implantation after 90 days.
Intracutaneous botulinum toxin A versus ablative therapy of Hailey-Hailey disease--a case report.
of the United Kingdom in recognition of its novel skin imaging technology- Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis (SIAscopy).
He provided details on a new technique called Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis (SIA) that enables researchers to detect malignant melanomas, but at the same time, it can help explain changes in human cutaneous coloration with age.
The live virus cannot penetrate skin or oral/respiratory mucous membranes, so the liquid vaccine is administered via intracutaneous inoculation.
Cambridge-based Astron Clinica uses the technique known as the SIAscope (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis) routinely in hospitals and clinics in the UK and overseas for aiding the diagnosis of skin cancers.
Cambridge-based Astron Clinica has patented the technique as the SIAscope (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis) and it is now being used routinely in hospitals and clinics in the UK and overseas for aiding the diagnosis of skin cancers.
Retrospective verification of the diagnosis of anthrax by means of the intracutaneous skin test with the Russian allergen "Anthraxin" in a recent epidemic in Switzerland.
The solution was injected to five mice and equal numbers of albino rabbits with a dosage of 50 ml / Kg and 200 il / Kg of body weight for systematic toxicity and intracutaneous toxicity estimation respectively.
95028 Intracutaneous (intradermal) tests with allergenic extracts, delayed type reaction, including reading, specify number of tests.
A polyclonal antiserum was prepared as follows: rabbits were immunized by intracutaneous injection of 100 [micro]g of total GST-[alpha] in complete Freund's adjuvant and boosted twice by subcutaneous injection of 50 [micro]g of GST-[alpha] in incomplete Freund's adjuvant.
Afflictions that I feel mingling with this dreary day and my constant cry into a pure white river of Longing that cannot find shelter or reason answer or end yet breathes, intracutaneous, naked in our skins we seek Forever forever for a red raging sun that would Mend.
There are three in vivo tests involved in the classification of plastics: the Systemic Injection and the Intracutaneous tests are designed to determine the systemic and local biological responses to plastics and other polymers by a single dose injection of specific extracts prepared from a sample, while the third test, the Implantation test, is designed to evaluate the reaction of living tissue to a test material.