intracranial cavity

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the cavity enclosed by the cranium

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As a result of the negative pressure gradient from the extra- to the intracranial cavity, air is drawn in through a bony or dural defect in the skull base.
Obviously, the presence of a foreign body in the intracranial cavity can result in disastrous complications, including intracranial penetration.
Also, the diploic Breschet's veins are valveless, which allows blood and infected emboli to flow easily from the extracranial orbital and sinus area to the intracranial cavity.
3,10) Cholesteatomas were described in 3 cases with heterotopic brain tissue, which suggests that glial choristomas can be caused by local destruction of bony segments subsequent to cholesteatoma, meningitis, or otitis media and that the cholesteatomas can occasionally expand into the intracranial cavity.
Several conditions cause raised ICP, either by increasing one or more of the constituents of the intracranial cavity or by introducing a non-native mass to the cranial space (see Table 1).
Paranasal sinus aspergillomas spreading to the intracranial cavity often have a mass pattern involvement, however, they may rarely extend to the dura and result in dural thickening.
Accurate Intracranial Cavity Volume Estimation in Mild Cognitively Impaired Population Using Multi- Atlas Segmentation
This is important because approaching laterally and superiorly through the lateral portion of the ethmoid sinus could easily injure the optic nerve, or in the case of an Onodi cell, cause entry into the intracranial cavity.
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