intracranial cavity

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the cavity enclosed by the cranium

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The waveforms result from systolic blood pressure pulsations transmitted in the intracranial cavity coupled with the effects of respiratory cycle on venous outflow.
This is important because approaching laterally and superiorly through the lateral portion of the ethmoid sinus could easily injure the optic nerve, or in the case of an Onodi cell, cause entry into the intracranial cavity.
stated that the techniques of stereology and planimetry provided a mean intracranial cavity volume ([+ or -]SD) of 1323.
If the air within the intracranial cavity becomes trapped by a "ball-valve" or "inverted pop bottle" mechanism, increased intracranial pressure may cause mass effect and neurologic deterioration.
Computed tomography of the sinuses showed (1) an abnormal soft-tissue process causing expansion of the right maxillary sinus with complete opacification of the right maxillary antrum, (2) widening of the right ostiomeatal complex with mucosal thickening in the right-sided ethmoidal sinus cells, and (3) no violation of the bony wails separating the sinuses from the orbit or intracranial cavity (figure 1, A and B).
Tension pneumocephalus occurs when a continuous flow of air accumulates in the intracranial cavity and produces a mass effect on the brain.
Problems associated with this inaccuracy can be avoided by carefully reviewing preoperative computed tomography, which can help keep the surgeon from entering the intracranial cavity while fixing the medial canthal tendon during transnasal canthal repair
Either radiologic technique may demonstrate tumor involvement of the nasopharynx, intracranial cavity, paranasal sinuses, orbits, infratemporal fossa, and pterygopalatine fossa.
In our patient, however, the tumor appeared to have originated in the ethmoid sinus and then spread to the intracranial cavity.
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