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Antonyms for intracellular

located or occurring within a cell or cells

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Intracellular transport processes are particularly sensitive to disturbance, with dramatic consequences for cell functioning.
Another approach has been to target the intracellular domain of these tyrosine kinases.
To examine whether the increased MLC phosphorylation was mediated by intracellular [Ca.
Though the exact mechanisms regulating macrophage secretion have not yet been elucidated, these data demonstrate that these intracellular cascades, specifically MAP kinase activation, are involved and necessary (see Figure 2).
Intracellular NTHi was found in 33% of patients with stable disease, and in 87% of the acutely ill patients.
Today, with physicians employing the strategy in a number of safety trials with HIV-infected people, intracellular immunization is moving beyond the test-tube proving ground.
FAAD, measured the intracellular water levels of 104 women, revealing that those who regularly drink 7-8 cups of water per day actually have a lower average intracellular water level than those subjects who drink 1-2 cups of water per day.
July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- AstraZeneca and EvoRx Technologies successfully completed a one-year research collaboration leveraging EvoRx's proprietary Evo-Link(TM) technology to discover cell penetrating peptides for a high value intracellular protein--protein interaction target in the respiratory portfolio.
Complix, a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of Cell Penetrating Alphabodies(TM) (CPABs), a unique class of protein therapeutics that are active against intracellular disease targets, announces that its CEO Dr Mark Vaeck will present tomorrow at BioCapital Europe 2014 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (March 27th).
9m grant to advance the development of cell penetrating Alphabodies (CPABs) to address various intracellular diseases.
Krishnan, a postdoctoral researcher in his lab, developed and used realistic computer simulations in their analyses and found that while there is a progressive and slow increase in intracellular sodium during seizure, it is this accumulation of intracellular sodium that leads to the termination of the seizure.
Their topics include the delivery of nanosensors to measure the intracellular environment, the cytoplasm diffusion of dendrimers and dendriplexes, the subcellular fate of nanodelivery systems, endolysosomolytically active pH-sensitive polymeric nanotechnology, the potential of photochemical internalization for the cytosolic delivery of nanomedicines, the subcellular targeting of virus-envelope-coated nanoparticles, therapeutic nano-object delivery to subdomains of cardiac myocytes, and quantum dot labeling to assess the intracellular trafficking of therapeutically active molecules.
The primary mechanism by which whey is thought to exert its effects is by intracellular conversion of the amino acid cysteine to glutathione, a potent intracellular antioxidant.
Although pregnant women are not immunosuppressed in the classic sense, immunologic changes of pregnancy may induce a state of increased susceptibility to certain intracellular pathogens, including viruses, intracellular bacteria, and parasites.
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