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There was in this spectacle, a peculiar power of intoxication and fascination, of which it would be difficult to convey to the reader of our day and our salons any idea.
He had a vague inkling that many things had combined, things that she felt though was unconscious of, the intoxication of the air and the hops and the night, the healthy instincts of the natural woman, a tenderness that overflowed, and an affection that had in it something maternal and something sisterly; and she gave all she had to give because her heart was full of charity.
Who can express the intoxication of joy with which Athos bowed before God, and thanked Him for not having seen him he sought with so much fear among the dead?
He was always busy and always felt in a state of mild and cheerful intoxication.
A few more drinks, and in his brain he felt the maggots of intoxication beginning to crawl.
But what gave immediacy to my decision to move on was a trick John Barleycorn played me--a monstrous, incredible trick that showed abysses of intoxication hitherto undreamed.
retorted Nicholl, who, under the influence of this unaccountable intoxication, was very contradictory.
This account so pleased Jones, and threw him into such immoderate excess of rapture, that he might be truly said to be drunk with joy--an intoxication which greatly forwards the effects of wine; and as he was very free too with the bottle on this occasion (for he drank many bumpers to the doctor's health, as well as to other toasts) he became very soon literally drunk.
The date of her wedding was consequently put forward from September to August, and in the intoxication of presents she recovered much of her good-humour.
When Della reached home her intoxication gave way a little to prudence and reason.
I have forgotten sometimes," he went on, "forgotten my own infirmities in the soft intoxication of a wonderful seascape.
It is needless to particularize the number of the vehicle, or to state that the driver was stationed thus early in the neighbourhood of Swallow Street, in hopes that some young buck, reeling homeward from the tavern, might need the aid of his vehicle, and pay him with the generosity of intoxication.
The intoxication of the news that Kitty was not married had gradually begun to work upon him.
Combe, "of an Irish porter to a warehouse, who forgot, when sober, what he had done when drunk; but, being drunk, again recollected the transactions of his former state of intoxication.
Benjamin Allen had been wavering between intoxication partial, and intoxication complete.