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Synonyms for intoxicated

Synonyms for intoxicated

Synonyms for intoxicated

stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)


as if under the influence of alcohol


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The couple were due to appear in court yesterday charged with being intoxicated in charge of a minor.
AB 7 proposes prohibiting any intoxicated person under the age of 21 from operating a snow mobile.
It read: "Officers attended Enfield St park and found a female on the floor again in a very intoxicated state, her friends ran away leaving the female on the floor after seeing officers, officers then contacted parents and ambulance and the female was taken to hospital tying up officers and paramedics for a fair amount of time.
It is imperative that this lacuna is addressed by way of guidelines that govern the treatment of intoxicated persons in the context of voting," the petition filed by Reddy further adds.
24% of road accidents occur due to the violation of maneuvering rules, 11% - going into the oncoming lane, 9% - driving while intoxicated, he noted.
A senior police official said the trio was inhaling the gas to get intoxicated. He urged parents to supervise their children and ensure their safety.
He admitted to having four drinks at the airport, which led the lawsuit to claim the passenger was "allowed to be seated on a flight while in an intoxicated state by United personnel" even though it "posed a serious health and safety risk to himself and to others, including Card."
For example, the website is dedicated to sharing and hosting photographs of intoxicated people that have been manipulated by others (e.g., drawn on with markers, wrapped in plastic, stripped of clothing).
Under Ore gon law, a driver whose BAC is measured at 0.08 percent or higher is presumed to be intoxicated.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the defendant got intoxicated while on board and started to create trouble for the other passengers.
(5) "There is no doubt that the clear public policy of our nation and [the] state[s] is to prevent individuals from driving while [drunk]." (6) However, "[p]eventing the future loss of innocent lives because of intoxicated drivers requires both legislative and judicial action in a combined effort to win the war against the devastating consequences of drunk driving." (7)
MULTAN -- Intoxicated drugs were proved in the stomach of slain model Qandeel Baloch in the forensic report received here on Monday.
A 19-year-old man from Paphos was arrested early Tuesday after causing a road accident while intoxicated and for verbally assaulting a police officer.
Statistics showed 51 of those found to be driving while intoxicated until the end of June were between the ages of 21 and 30.
Police were called to Miss Jones' bar and eatery on Merthyr Road in Whitchurch on yesterday afternoon after reports that two men appeared to be intoxicated and aggressive.