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Synonyms for intoxicated

Synonyms for intoxicated

Synonyms for intoxicated

stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)


as if under the influence of alcohol


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Carrington showed some signs of being intoxicated after agreeing to take field- sobriety tests, and was then placed under arrest, according to the report.
The Tiffany Heitkamp bill was named after a young Syracuse-area woman who was killed in July 2006 while traveling as a passenger in a boat operated by an intoxicated person.
Folks do that all the time, even when they aren't intoxicated, right?
As per details, a bus passenger named Sana Ullah resident of Sargodha informed Motorway Police at Islamabad Motorway Toll Plaza that during traveling in bus unknown person offering intoxicated food him and looted a mobile phone and 22 thousand.
The civil liability statute has two separate standards for imposing liability on the licensee, dependent upon the status of the person bringing suit If the person bringing suit is the individual served, that individual must prove the licensee engaged in "reckless conduct" If the person bringing suit is a third party who was injured by the intoxicated individual, then the injured person need only prove that the licensee was negligent in serving the intoxicated person.
We first found nothing on her or in her apartment," a police witness told prosecutors, "but it was evident she and others present were intoxicated.
This young man is clearly deeply intoxicated on the legal high or, medically speaking, new psychoactive substance (NPS).
Melbourne, February 22 ( ANI ): A groom was arrested and charged with disorderly behavior for being too intoxicated at his own wedding.
Flintshire magistrates' court heard there was CCTV footage of the defendant clearly intoxicated but prosecutor Justin Espie said he did not intend to play it.
In a study examining mice given copious amounts of alcohol, the mice supplemented with BluCetin were 10 times more likely to rise from a cradled V-shaped hammock after their intoxicated state.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled that a car driver involved in an accident can receive compensation, as long as he was not at fault, from his insurance company for the damage to the car even if he was intoxicated at the time of the accident.
A passenger was offloaded from a London to Bahrain service as he appeared to be intoxicated when he boarded the flight," said an airline spokesperson.
Newcastle coroner David Mitford said there was no evidence Mr Blackett was under the influence of drugs, and although he had been drinking, Mr Mitford said his alcohol levels did not suggest he was heavily intoxicated at the time of his death.
Summary: British Transport Police have released CCTV video of an intoxicated woman falling under a stationary train after stumbling on the platform.
4) Today, many jurisdictions allow recovery against social hosts who distribute alcohol to minors and visibly intoxicated persons.