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And if we can't suppress our desire to get high any more effectively than we can suppress our desire for breakfast, the University of California, Los Angeles, researcher reasoned, we should be trying to develop the safest intoxicants possible.
SIR - From time to time we are reminded of the ill effects of alcohol, but in the prevailing booze culture no effective remedy is suggested or even sought, and it seems to be assumed that nobody can exist without resorting occasionally to consuming the intoxicant.
Prescription drugs that don't belong to the students (are popular), and a number of kids are using Coricidin as an intoxicant,'' he said.
The police found the bottle in the back of her car but agreed to drop the charges of having an open intoxicant in the vehicle, thus making it safe once again for the rest of us who enjoy a gargle while behind the wheel.
The King of Pop is accused of seven counts of sexual abuse and two of administering an intoxicant to his alleged victim, a teenage cancer sufferer.
From the I-had-to-explain-it-to-my-dad testimonial in the intro to the general condemnation of every single person who doesn't conform to a narrow, strict, highly-structured life regime that includes not drinking alcohol or doing any kind of intoxicant, to the creation of an tiber-secret order that takes straight-edge even purer (complete with secret handshake), this shit has to be a joke.
In contrast, alcoholics require increasing amounts of the intoxicant to produce same response.
This is promoting the use of an intoxicant by The Denver Post'.
Brigadier Hussain Ahmad Al Harthi, Director of Traffic and Patrol Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police, pointed out the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other intoxicant, and said that drunk drivers are not fully conscious, lack concentration and are unable to drive their cars safely.
The report compiled by forensic experts at the Punjab laboratory further stated that no intoxicant was found in his body.
According to details Dera Allah Yar Police arrested a married woman Mst Samina for killing her husband Qabil Khan by giving her intoxicant in the tea.
He analyzes alcohol narratives alongside more well-known opium narratives, asking: how were intoxicants and addiction popularly understood and characterized, how were intoxicant industries impacted by the Japanese occupation, and were serious efforts made to reduce intoxicant consumption?
It follows up to MOONSHINE--and prior readers will be delighted--and tells of dozens of vampires who end up in the city morgue after drinking the blood-based intoxicant Faust.
He said more than 57 kilograms of hashish, 12 kg of heroin, 355 bottles of alcohol and more than 900 litres of intoxicant beverages were confiscated.
They made me unconscious by administering some intoxicant in the tea offered to me.