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cp Pointed arrows indicate a marked falling or rising intonational shift.
In total 282 tokens were found (275 in intonational phrase-final and 7 in non-final position).
The practical implications of intonational theories have an important impact on the auditory representations of documents, which, in turn, may facilitate or hinder the education of both sighted students and students with visual impairments (Amato, 2002; Arter & Layton, 2000; Fellenius, 1999).
One possible reading of the example in (59) is shown in (60), where # represents a morpheme boundary and large type represents the accented intonational nucleus, the symbol "\" indicating falling intonation.
The lack of data on one of the two most important intonational elements or alternate patterns with the same attitudinal adjectives indicates that the missing or alternating data does not contribute to attitudinal meaning and should consequently be ignored, as in the following:
Listening to Stein's recordings allows one to perceive, says Meyer, a "careful articulation of intonational patterns woven into her compositions [which] permits one to make sense of them" (304).
Modality, or at least hints of modality, an affinity to modality, appears in some passages of his pieces of the period, but above all his work now bubbled over with the genre or intonational characteristics of the music of the other Slav nations.
Stephen Green put the specific problem of binge drinking intonational perspective with more striking figures.
What is important in Ryzhy's verse is not the form or content in and of themselves, but rather the prosody, the "music," the complex polyphony of the rhythmic, phonetic, intonational, and semantic "voices" of the text.
This line of thought is pursued by Eric Griffiths in The Printed Voice of Victorian Poetry, who argues that poems circulating in nineteenth-century print culture point to an imagined voice that may in fact be unvoiceable: "The intonational ambiguity of a written text may create a mute polyphony through which we see rather than hear alternatively possible voicings, and are led by such vision to reflect on the inter-resonance of those voicings.
Children's strategies for maintaining the floor invariably include a number of false starts, accompanied by a rising intonational pattern.
Bakhtin, on the other hand, in addressing the question of reading and the problem of meaning, has a number of illuminating questions to ask of citations: "how does this infiltration occur, how does the receiving context relate to it, in what sorts of intonational quotation marks is it enclosed?
Specifically, the two channels of incoming audio signals are sampled synchronously every 250 msec to determine whether the signal in each channel is on or off, without regard to the frequency or intonational characteristics of the sounds.
copious illustrations of minimal pairs, stress and intonational phrases,
Such an intonational pattern is the opposite of most chiefly speech giving's intonational pattern, which is steadily quiet and sometimes halting (Arno 1990).