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Synonyms for intonation

Synonyms for intonation

a particular vocal quality that indicates some emotion or feeling

Synonyms for intonation

singing by a soloist of the opening piece of plainsong

Related Words

the act of singing in a monotonous tone

the production of musical tones (by voice or instrument)

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Lyric textures are also thickened by the somewhat centered tonal nuclei, which resist final position and therefore create mildly lilting intonational contours.
Lexical stress, nuclear stress and the formation of tone groups to indicate phrasing--the boundaries between phrases from an intonational perspective.
The phonological, prosodic and intonational closeness between English and Syrian Arabic (the dialect of the speech excerpt in this paper) provides the ground for the use of approaches to the analysis of interactional and functional aspects of prosody and intonation described in the literature on the English language for inference, translation and transcription of EAR material.
In the first year, Gardner (1981) found that infants were capable of imitating the intonational patterns of linguistic structure they heard.
Practice drills usually start with a relaxed, soft, low pitched voice and then go up to a variety of accentuated vocalizations and intonational contours.
Examples of practices which are present in the events I have just described are ritual dialogue as a form of interaction and performance; repetition and parallelism as poetic and rhetorical devices; quotation and embedding/reporting of voices; framing devices--words and phrases, which work together with pause and intonational patterning and speaker interaction to create a line and verse poetic structure; and the use of special, esoteric languages and metaphors.
VoIP (using relational messages thru Skype[TM] or intonational cues.
This paper uses the AM approach to analyze the phonetic characteristics of key intonational events in nonnative Spanish.
Practical tuning, temperament, and conditioning for hornists and other wind instrumentalists: Understanding and attaining intonational flexibility in musical performance.
For example, the question mark at the end of line 13 below denotes an up-turned intonational pattern, and a full stop denotes downward intonational pattern.
Intonational disambiguation in sentence production and comprehension.
This truism is nothing more than a reflection of speech itself, but music has the effect of distorting and regularizing the free rhythmic and intonational patterns of speech, while also exaggerating the primacy of the vowel.
e a configuracao encontrada para o final do contorno neutro das frases assertivas do das linguas romanicas, conforme o que vem sido constatado no ambito do projeto Intonational Phrasing in Romance (9).
Horowitz conducts an in-depth examination of the diffusion of four military innovations to address his assertion that "there is a big difference between the introduction of a technology on the battlefield and the full integration of that technology intonational strategy .