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intonations characteristic of questions and requests and statements

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In the Touchstone 4 manual, 13 of the 28 entries were supplementary with only five review activities in which the teacher was prompted to remind students to use informal lexical reductions or a particular intonation pattern in the speaking tasks.
The transfer of this intonation pattern into L2 contributes to the impression of foreign accent and makes a speaker sound more non-native.
Data on intonation patterns concentrating on pitch level are followed by the labels of emotional attitudes from phonetic literature.
This retention of ancient Jewish intonation patterns and their emergence in a newly acquired language is a phenomenon known to us from modern times as well.
Ginsberg's intonation patterns are often exaggerations of prose speech but to such a degree that the pragmatic meaning of intonation is lost in the melody of the exaggeration.
Out of context, then, the choice of intonation pattern distinguishes these two uses of the subject emphatic: the normal declarative or interrogative pattern gives subject focus (he is the one who likes him, is he the one who likes him?
The first chapter gives background on muscles of the mouth, rhythm and stress patterns, intonation patterns, and phonetics.
The dialogues also permit learners to witness the syntactic and intonation patterns of everyday speech and hear current vocabulary in spoken context.
Speech does it differently, making the grammar explicit in the intonation patterns of rhythmic stress (marked by a preceding slash) and contrastive pitch (marked by underscore):
Comparable intonation patterns characterize words and phrases used by fluent speakers of German and French.
Monk's soundscape is a polyvalent one, and this is reflected both in her mixing of diction and in her mixing of intonation patterns.
This may teach the rhythm and intonation patterns before the acquisition of full grammatical patterns, a natural ordering in first language acquisition, which Condon and Sander (1974) have suggested may be the key to the universal success of babies in acquiring their first language grammar.
of Tennessee) describes the history of the approach, which was developed in the 1950s, its binaural listening devices and methods, vestibular strategy, which combines vocalization with movement, auditory strategy, in which the student uses self-correction as a part of drill, the rhythm and intonation patterns produced through speech strategies, auditory-based second-language strategies, and treatment tools and programs.
5] See also the Jazz Chants book series, published by Oxford University Press, Carolyn Graham's original collection of chants and poems that use the rhythms of jazz to illustrate the stress and intonation patterns of American English.
Vocal intonation patterns are a very good cue for babies about what people mean or don't mean.