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Synonyms for intonate

speak carefully, as with rising and falling pitch or in a particular tone


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recite with musical intonation

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While the stories were heartbreaking, I felt comfortable with the way the meeting was going until the public adjuster intonated that consumers can take legal action against their insurance agents.
Netanyahu further intonated that such a strike "is not days or weeks away, but neither is it years away.
The five items of contest include: Memorization of full text with correct intonated recitation, commentary and meaning of words, memorization of full text with intonated recitation, memorization of 20 continuous juz (parts) with intonated recitation, memorization of 10 continuous juz with intonated recitation and the fifth item is reserved for organizations in non-Muslim countries.
But the cleanser Ajax's instructions--even when intonated like a quasi-magical charm--cannot, at this point, prevent the Greek Ajax from reemerging, as the castrated Alexander makes a sudden reappearance: