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Synonyms for intolerance

Synonyms for intolerance

irrational suspicion or hatred of a particular group, race, or religion

Antonyms for intolerance

impatience with annoyances

Related Words

unwillingness to recognize and respect differences in opinions or beliefs

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ISLAMABAD -- President Mamnoon Hussain stressed the nation to stand united against intolerance as this menace leads the nations towards destruction.
Ritter Pharmaceuticals announced that its lead drug, RP-G28, promoted beneficial adaptation of the gut microbiome in its Phase 2b study of 377 lactose intolerance patients.
Food intolerance home-testing kits are widely available online and in some pharmacies.
Hix argues that it is the act of believing, more than the thing believed, that relates more directly to intolerance.
KARACHI -- Governor of Sindh, Mohammad Zubair here on Thursday called upon the religious scholars to help government counter growing intolerance in the society.
Here's a run-down of what causes lactose intolerance, and why.
diabetes incidence rate and prevalence of glucose intolerance worldwide increased alongside higher outdoor temperatures.
Background: The patients with diverse cardiac issues and physical illness experience different levels of social intolerance, depression, anxiety and stress.
Peru today signed the Inter-American Convention against Racism, Racial Discrimination, and Related Intolerance and the Inter-American Convention against All Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance, in a ceremony at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington DC.
An intolerance born of fear THERE is much focus in the news at the moment about religion causing so many problems but when one thinks about it the root cause is down to human intolerance.
Summary: Indian tweeps react to Shahrukh Khan's comment on India's intolerance.
meeting with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on November 27 to ensure smooth functioning of Parliament may not help the NDA, which is set to face heat over the issue of intolerance.
New Delhi -- Pakistan envoy on Thursday refused to join in the ongoing debate on alleged intolerance in the country saying it was an internal matter of India.
MORE than one in five adults avoids certain food and drink - most commonly gluten and dairy - because of an allergy or intolerance.
The gentle limited palette illustrations in shades of gray, yellow, green, and white, present a young sheep's experience testing the limits of a dandelion intolerance.