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one who is habitually cruel to smaller or weaker people

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It is the intent of the City of Trenton to enter into a contract for the purchase and delivery of one (1) Intimidator 18XP Brush Bandit awarded to Modern Equipment Sales and Rental Company, 2501 Durham Road, Bristol PA 19007 pursuant to the proposal submitted in response to the National Joint Power Alliance contract for Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Attachments, Accessories and Related Services Contract#062117.
The Institute for Safe Medication Practices found that 40 percent of clinicians have kept quiet or remained passive during patient care events rather than question a known intimidator.
found that 40% of clinicians have kept quiet or remained passive during patient care events rather than question a known intimidator.
The most common reasons for not reporting are fear of retaliation and being labeled "whistle blower", as well as reluctance of confronting an intimidator.
Have a look at the most successful international off-field leaders of recent times - Eddie Jones, Warren Gatland, Ian McGeechan, Graham Henry, Jake White - and you won't find a physical intimidator among them.
With combines named Jaws, Frankenbine, the Intimidator and the Pink Panther, it's no wonder fairgoers can't resist getting a glimpse of the action.
The Intimidator hybrid holster is designed for all-day comfort.
The Intimidator will be available in the Fresh Foods Sandwich Shop at all D.
He's an intimidator in a legal sense and that's what you want.
Tingley dispenses specific advice for how to deal with some common types of the modern parent, such as "The Uncivil Libertarian," "The Intimidator," and "The Caped Crusader.
El coordinador de vigilancia de la Zona B, Ricardo Flores Chavez, mejor conocido entre sus subordinados como El Intimidator, detuvo el 20 de febrero pasado a dos jovenes que renian en los andenes de la estacion Hidalgo.
com; (810) 686-4035) Intimidator Blind could change your bowhunting luck.
The intimidator produces people who either become tyrants themselves or do things out of fear or punishment; when the fear is gone, they don't produce anymore.
ZAP noted that the Foreign Affairs Auto dealership will feature the company's all-electric Intimidator L.