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Synonyms for intimidation

Synonyms for intimidation

an expression of the intent to hurt or punish another


Synonyms for intimidation

the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

the feeling of discouragement in the face of someone's superior fame or wealth or status etc

the feeling of being intimidated

a communication that makes you afraid to try something

References in classic literature ?
These changes in the constitution they effect by force of arms, if intimidation has not already done their work.
He is admitted accordingly, not without a hint from the Recluse, that were he himself out of his priestly weeds, he would care little for his threats of using violence, and that he gives way to him not out of intimidation, but simply to avoid scandal.
Public opinion wouldn't allow them actually to rob him of his ticket, but any humbug or intimidation by which he could be driven to sell the whole or part at an undervalue was lawful.
'Policies of repression and intimidations cannot change the basic reality about the Kashmir dispute and the need to resolve it, neither can the display of intimidation and muscular approach push people of Kashmir into submission,' the spokesman said.
He also dismissed the allegations by Odera against Kanyua on matters of voter's bribery, violence and intimidations.
" Rehmat Saleh Baloch said.Condemning the recent intimidations to media workers Health Minister said, yet newspapers' distribution is completely shut in remote parts of Balochistan due to intimidations by armed groups,"National Party strictly condemns attacks on Journalists and Press clubs across Balochistan, and want to make sure that we fully support and applauds Journalists' work in the province.
BLF must win hearts and minds via cogent debate not via disruptions and intimidations our hard won freedom demands it.
ISLAMABAD -- Illegally detained Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik has said that India and its stooges in the are trying to enforce their brand of democracy through the means of fear, intimidations and promoting bribery.
April 10, 2010 (JUBA) -- Authorities from southern state of Warrap have pledged full and adequate security measures to protect voters at the polling days urging citizens to turn up on Sunday in large numbers without fear of threats or intimidations. The state authorities say trained security forces currently are deployed to protect voters at polling stations in and around Kwajok, the capital of Warrap.