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Synonyms for intimidation

Synonyms for intimidation

an expression of the intent to hurt or punish another


Synonyms for intimidation

the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

the feeling of discouragement in the face of someone's superior fame or wealth or status etc

the feeling of being intimidated

a communication that makes you afraid to try something

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The second round of elections may also bring about a similar type of violence and intimidation of the voters.
In his letter, Fries said the intimidation "seriously impinges on academic freedom.
Today the IFJ is attempting to further explain its position by issuing an additional statement:"eC*strongly rebutted claims from political leaders in Gaza that it was biased in its claims of Hamas interference and intimidation of journalists.
The report said: "Control over communities is exercised by fear and intimidation.
The Town chief branded the FA "weak" and said he had made a furious complaint as he accused Leeds thugs of "repeated intimidation and provocation".
They use intimidation to get what they want, they will commit a vicious homicide to show their power and the force, then easily cross the border.
At Warwick yesterday, Ian Mongan, riding Green Room (2-5 favourite), almost put Joe Fanning and Particle through the running rail, yet he continued to ride under a strong right-handed drive, and although he only won by half a length or so (without intimidation the runner-up would have won), he was allowed to keep the race.
Bridgend's divisional commander Superintendent Tim Jones said: 'Passengers and bus staff must be free from intimidation and loutish behaviour.
Meanwhile, intimidation and arbitrary arrest of clerics continue apace in China.
You may have heard about the DVD called "Stop Snitching" that advocates witness intimidation and that emphasizes its point with an illustration on its back cover showing three dead bodies over the words "snitch prevention" In Baltimore, where this DVD is on sale, Ricky Prince, a witness to a gang shooting who had agreed to testify, was recently shot in the head.
Low-cost airline Ryanair has initiated court proceedings against an Irish pilots' union in an effort to stop what it claims is an organised campaign of harassment and intimidation being conducted through a website.
During that year, according to nine out of 10 of them, they experienced subtle or overt intimidation from a doctor.
In August 2004 People for the American Way and the NAACP released "The Long Shadow of Jim Crow; Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America Today.
The crime is classified as second-degree intimidation - a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $5,000 fine, police spokeswoman Kerry Delf said.
Anderson said that the network "will serve as a lifeboat for orthodox dioceses and parishes who feel abandoned and betrayed by ECUSA, as well as for those faithful Episcopalians enduring harassment and intimidation by their rectors, bishops, or both.