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the innermost membrane of an organ (especially the inner lining of an artery or vein or lymphatic vessel)

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The foregut is lined by the cuticular intima and is mainly concerned with the passage, storage and fragmentation of food material before it reaches the midgut (Snodgrass 1935; Chapman 1985; Lehane 1998).
Striker Harry Bunn, who has had spells on loan at Rochdale, Preston North End, Oldham Athletic and Crewe Alexandra, looked certain to score after latching onto an Intima pass, but could only lash into the side-netting.
Karotis intima media kalinligi olcumu icin hastalar, sirtustu pozisyonda, baslari arkaya dogru egimli olacak sekilde yatirilarak; sag ve sol karotis arterler, radyolog tarafindan ultrasonografi cihazi ile (loqic 9 marka General Electric) 10-12 Mhz'lik lineer prob kullanilarak goruntulendi.
2) Stage 1 was characterized by the fragmentation of elastic layers and increased extracellular matrix in the tunica media, stage 2 by fat deposition in the tunicae intima and media, stage 3 by an increased presence of collagen fibers, and stage 4 by a fibrous appearance of the plaque.
The basic pathological process of restenosis after PTCA involves the tearing and denudation of coronary intima, platelet accumulation and adhesion to injury sites, the proliferation and migration of VSMC from media to intima, and synthesis of extracellular matrix (ECM).
Intima loyalty programme speaks volumes for Manar MallThe customer loyalty programme witnessed record high registrations during the summer
Leftlane News, an automotive magazine, has revealed details of the production version of its Intima concept vehicle.
En los itinerarios biograficos se observa que la actualizacion del universo indianista es edificada en forma intima y personal, con un discurso de tono anti-sistema y anti-sociedad moderna.
Northern Stage itself was then lit up at 10pm in a spectacular fire-and-light display with guests enjoying a performance of La Nuit IntimA by balletLorent.
Metaplastic zones develop within the synovial intima, which organizes into small bodies within the joint spaces.
Exam under dissecting microscope showed healing so complete in some cases that it was not possible to locate the access site on the adventitia or intima.
The surgery revealed that Zamano's popliteal artery was obstructed by a tear of the intima (the inside lining of the artery).
As early diagnosis is very important, a variety of imaging modalities including epicardial fat thickness, carotid intima media thickness (CIMT), and aortic stiffness index have been used to assess subclinical atherosclerosis.
Hence both the thickness of the carotid intima and media distance and incidence of the coronary artery disease increase in time, and it is a common finding to detect the thickened carotid intima-media complex and together with detectable CAD in the elderly patients.