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the innermost membrane of an organ (especially the inner lining of an artery or vein or lymphatic vessel)

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This study showed that the expressions of Col-I and FN in the hyperplasial intima enhanced obviously after balloon injury, and atorvastatin had inhibitory effects on potentiation about the expressions of collagenland FN.
Doppler ultrasound revealed that maximum abdominal aortic intima media thickness (aIMT) was significantly increased in 25 infants with intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), compared with 25 controls, at a mean gestational age of 32 weeks (2.
Intima loyalty programme speaks volumes for Manar MallThe customer loyalty programme witnessed record high registrations during the summer
Leftlane News, an automotive magazine, has revealed details of the production version of its Intima concept vehicle.
In our study there was no accumulation of laminin around the bursal cells, but striking was a vascular bundle of the intima subintima border zone, which was positive for laminin and CD68 and separated the intima from the subintima.
Keywords: Epithelial cells, mitochondria, ribosomes, cuticular intima, teeth, ribs, food particles
The increase in the intima was due mainly to the deposition of compact fibrous tissue.
The dimensions of vessel wall were captured, and the mean thicknesses of intima, media, and adventitia were measured.
El cantante colombiano, de 44 anos, ha dado su entrevista mas intima y reveladora.
Intima-media thickness (IMT), also called intimal medial thickness, is a measurement of the thickness of tunica intima and tunica media, the innermost two layers of the wall of an artery.
A frozen image distinctly indicating the borders of the intima and media was obtained and magnified to maximize resolution.
Fis comparte una intima e intrinseca mirada sobre artistas como Juan Soriano, Leonora Carrington, Jose Luis Cuevas, Rafael Cauduro, Betsabee Romero, Arturo Rivera, Manuel Felguerez, Pedro Friedeberg, Raul Anguiano, Francisco Castro Lenero y Feliciano Bejar, entre otros.
Objective: To compare the common carotid artery intima media thickness in healthy individuals and in patients of diabetes mellitus.
Ateroskleroz endotel disfonksiyonu sonrasi intima tabakasinda lipoprotein partikulleri ile lokositlerin toplanmasi ile baslayan ve olusan kopuksu makrofaj hucrelerinin birikimi ile ilk olarak yagli cizgilenme seklinde olusan bir surectir.
Josefa intima se presentaria en la Ciudad de Mexico en breve.