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the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

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Surprising as this union of separate individuals in common stock must always appear, every tree displays th same fact, for buds must be considered as individual plants It is, however, natural to consider a polypus, furnished wit a mouth, intestines, and other organs, as a distinct individual whereas the individuality of a leaf-bud is not easily realised so that the union of separate individuals in a common bod is more striking in a coralline than in a tree.
The brain it was customary to withdraw through the nose; the intestines through an incision in the side; the body was then shaved, washed, and salted; then laid aside for several weeks, when the operation of embalming, properly so called, began.
They reside in almost all tissues of the body, for example in the small intestine, liver, brain, and skin.
The human intestine hosts a huge number of friendly bacteria that live in a mutually beneficial arrangement with us - we provide a nutrient-rich habitat for them and they produce some vitamins and help prevent infection with harmful bacteria.
After a meal that contains fat is eaten, the gallbladder sends bile into the small intestine to help with fat digestion.
While an intestine transplant can benefit some patients, many babies are simply too small to endure this procedure.
The small intestine is the major site of animal digestion and absorption; however, little is known about the morphological characteristics of the hedgehog's small intestine.
In a paper published this week in Nature Materials, the team reports on results of a preclinical study in which an oral agent was administered in rats to deliver a substance that could temporarily coat the intestine to prevent nutrient contact with the lining in the proximal bowel and avoid post-meal spikes in blood sugar.
KARACHI -- Researchers at Aga Khan University and the University of Virginia are collaborating on an innovative project that will harness the power of artificial intelligence to understand a particularly complex disorder of the intestine, environmental enteric dysfunction (EED).
Midgut volvulus can result in gangrene and loss of large segments of intestine. After correction of volvulus the viability of intestine may improve and if given sufficient time a large portion of intestine may be saved.
Nekesa's husband Robert Sitati said his wife was improperly operated on and a small portion of her intestine, about 50 centimetres, left outside the enclosing chamber.
Scientists then could determine which drug worked best on that patient's intestine.
Wil Dasovich declared that he was 'alive and well' after surgery on his large intestine to eliminate the remaining cancer in his body.
The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of in ovo injection of [alpha] - galactosides on the development of the intestinal villi in the small intestine of broiler chickens.
The intestines contains three of these organs: the small intestine, large intestine, and rectum make up a 30-feet-long track of tissue that connects the stomach and anus.