intestinal juice

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secretions by glands lining the walls of the intestines

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Viability in the simulated gastric juice was counted at 0 and 3 h on MRS agar, and at 0 and 4 h in the simulated intestinal juice.
The analyses were carried out in an aqueous environmentwith the addition of artificial gastric juice (pH=2) and artificial intestinal juice (pH=8).
For most drugs, it requires pills to either disintegrate (break into small pieces) or be at least 50 or 75 percent dissolved after being agitated in simulated stomach or intestinal juice for a specified length of time.
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines digestion as, "to change food in the mouth, stomach, and intestines by the action of gastric and intestinal juices, enzymes, and bacteria so that it can be absorbed by the body.