intestinal colic

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acute abdominal pain (especially in infants)

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It's easier to digest for the baby than formula milk; hence, it causes less gassiness or intestinal colic in the babies;
Evaluation of clinical and laboratory variables as prognostic indicators in hospitalized gastro intestinal colic horses.
They were misdiagnosed, one case as intestinal colic & other two cases as ureteric colic at different primary health centers.
The seeds of Cydonia oblonga have been used traditionally in diarrhea, dysentery, cough, sore throat and bronchitis (Nadkarni, 1976; Duke et al., 2002), intestinal colic and constipation (Prajapati et al., 2006).
After being checked over by a doctor, he was diagnosed with intestinal colic and was prescribed the necessary medicine before being discharged from the hospital.