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having made no legally valid will before death or not disposed of by a legal will

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The building provides access to Intestate 80 as well as Routes 17, 46 and 4.
The 86-year-old died intestate last November after a four-year battle with dementia.
Zeny, the daughter of the now deceased Manuela and the duly appointed administratrix of the intestate estate of the matriarch, sued Shintaro for estafa through falsification of public document.
DUBAI: Incorrectly drawn up wills are often found to be invalid and ineffective in the UAE and can lead to an estate being treated as if the person died intestate, i.
Homestead and the Intestate Estate--The "residence anchors the analysis" methodology will have an important twist in some intestate situations because it may yield less to the surviving spouse than the proportionate methodology.
This text explains wills, trusts, and estates to legal assistants, including intestate succession, estate administration, nonprobate transfers, wealth transfer taxation, disability and death planning, and malpractice and professional responsibility.
Despite the existence of the copy, they successfully argued that King died intestate.
Intestate succession statutes are difficult to design--they must be definite enough to ensure judicial efficiency, yet also match the average decedent's probable intent.
But if you don't leave a will, which is called dying intestate, a strict set of rules decides who gets what.
The commission noted Section 41 provides that rules of distribution where the intestate - the dead man - has left no lineal descendants shall be contained in Sections 42 to 48, "after deducting the widow's share if he has left a widow.
It means that, while spouses or civil partners will become the main beneficiary when no will has been made, children as well as relatives including siblings and parents, may no longer inherit as much from someone who dies intestate - without making a valid will - or may lose out altogether.
Majority of civil law jurisdictions recognize two major methods of inheritance upon death: by the will (a testate succession) and by operation of law (an intestate succession).
A staggering two-thirds of us don't make a will and last year the Treasury gained a whopping PS253 million from people who had died intestate (without a will).
Recently published court documents show he died intestate with only a fraction of his fortune left.
The former pub landlord's family became suspicious when the priest was unable to account for the cash when Mr Court died intestate at a nursing home in May 2007.