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a person who is interviewed

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The first question for interviewees was about their opinions towards people lining up for food in Taiwan.
In open recruitment for Grade-5 government officials, six interviewers interview and evaluate one interviewee for four hours.
The interviews differ greatly in length and depth, with the most extensive emerging from Frierson's oldest friend among the interviewees, a woman she first met in 1989.
This rude, arrogant, selfopinionated man should never be put in the position again where he is given carte-blanche to verbally abuse interviewees.
Interviewee Dr Awan cited rehabilitation programmes in Denmark that have been "successful in terms of policing and making sure returnee fighters are looking for jobs and contributing towards society".
For law enforcement, this brings about a vast new set of data sources ("We're getting quite excited about the Internet of Things," Interviewee 6, Sec) but also a particular need for safeguards and oversight.
For example, Interviewee E noted that accounting students should be taught "how to look out for red flags" and Interviewee B commented that they need to know "what not to do and when to call for help".
Below are some media tips every interviewee should consider before speaking with a member of the press:
Interviewees reported that the group collectively established morning start times and designated lunchtimes at the beginning of each semester to create dedicated time for writing.
5% in 2013, the shortage of skills remains a precarious issue which reflects the problem of human resource quality in the region (Interview, Interviewee N, 31 August 2011).
As one interviewee related, being a woman causes her to have more empathy toward her agency's ridership who are forced to use transit because of a lack of other options:
The articles in the Perspective Interview Series will be written by various scholars who will conduct one-on-one interviews with an identified interviewee.
Chart 2: Interviewed Managers Institution Position Nomination Grupo Anima de President Interviewee 1 Educacao Vice-President of Operations Interviewee 2 Vice-President of Expansion Interviewee 3 Academic Director Interviewee 4 Centro Universitario Dean Interviewee 5 UNA Vice-Dean Interviewee 6 Centro Universitario Vice-Dean Interviewee 7 Unimonte Centro Universitario Vice-Dean Interviewee 8 UNIBH Kroton CEO Interviewee 9 Anhanguera CEO Interviewee 10 Estacio de Sa Coordinator Interviewee 11 PUCMINAS Dean Interviewee 12 Source: Developed by authors