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The rating was assigned to each interventionist following direct observation of 150 to 210 min (5-7 intervention sessions) of each interventionist's post-professional development video recordings.
Moreover, failure to appreciate the wider political context means that interventionist COIN or aid to allies facing rebellion may face difficulties because Western policymakers pursue a monopoly on violence and state-building goals that these states may not share.
Those who portray history from the interventionist perspective often neglect the obvious: Even if the United States were "isolationist" (which it was not), the Axis powers exhibited a textbook example not only of interventionism, but of interventionism combined with entangling alliances.
The unique initiative pairs full-time reading interventionists with teachers in Lake Orion's 24 kindergarten classrooms to boost the early literacy of the district's youngest students.
Solid Landings Behavioral Health and ARISE Network announce the launch of a fellowship designed to provide training for aspiring Certified ARISE Interventionists who are committed to serving individuals and families in underserved populations.
Chen points out that there are benefits to each model, and she suggests that the family and interventionist choose which model will best meet the unique needs of the child and family.
Each interventionist in both conditions was observed three times by research staff over the course of the school year using the same observation procedures.
An ideologically informed, interventionist and adventurist foreign policy is likely to weaken the ability of Turkey's businesses and civil society to expand into the neighborhood.
The Interventionist met face-to-face with the caregiver for up to nine in-home meetings, approximately 1 1/2 hours each and conducted up to three telephone sessions of approximately 1/2 hour each.
TransMedia Group will handle publicity for the book, which will tell the story of Lohan's drug-addiction and imprisonment, before going onto being a drug interventionist and successful businessman.
Anderson, an interventionist teacher, provides professional development to educators on the ISA approach.
She takes issue with essentialist narratives of US hegemony in the post-war era and the Bretton Woods system, critically examining realist, liberal interventionist and marxist models, and additionally argues that post-1970 financial literature failed to detect the contradictions in the emerging international financial system.
Analysts at the bank said, 'Central bank interventionist rhetoric may increase as the foreign currency pressure persists.
Dubai The banking systems in Gulf countries face relatively less systemic risks, thanks to highly interventionist government policies and central bank policies, said Goesksenin Karagoez, a rating analyst with rating agency Standard & Poor's.
Actually, I can just picture Dave Cameron sitting on a Blind Date stool, hair slicked back, best shirt on, saying: "Actually, Cilla, I'm a Liberal Interventionist.
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