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Such an approach avoids the failed state interventionism of the 1970s.
Our main aim within this research would be to better understand this new kind of interventionism.
interventionism is making us less safe and less free.
Flogging the necessity of American interventionism is nothing new to Power.
A reductionist approach says the main source of anti-Americanism may be tied to past US military interventionism, the support of authoritarian regimes and the subversion of democratically elected leaders and governments when it served US interests.
The West has always made a mess of interventionism in the Middle East.
Experts do not see anything bad in the state interventionism but they predict that this practice could cost dearly if it is not within the market logic.
The nine included papers address: fiscal mischief and fiscal constraint in the European crisis, economic Darwinism versus interventionism in economic policy, the impact of competitiveness development on social structures and values, participatory governance of local public utilities, cluster development analysis of embedded systems in the European metropolitan region of Nuremberg, factors of success in mergers and acquisitions performance, social and economic strategies for a sustainable society, and infrastructure economy as a nucleus for more sustainability.
Many of the things he called for at the time are more acceptable in today's political climate, like nuclear disarmament, scepticism about the EU, the predatory power of multinationals and the dangers of American interventionism.
Summary: With France launching its third "humanitarian" military operation in as many years -- this time in the Central African Republic -- interventionism, which seemed discredited after the United States decided to invade Iraq, seems to have returned as an accepted norm in international affairs.
Mainly, she was displeased with the binding nature of the motion and criticised parliamentary interventionism, sharing her disbelief at changes in the rules of play being made in the middle of negotiations.
In a novel he translated personally from Arabic to English, Tawfik situates the elements of American interventionism, intellectual identity, and Internet culture within the complex panorama of urban Cairo.
Liberal Interventionism and Democracy Promotion, edited by political scientist Dursun Peksen, offers a light at the end of the tunnel for those policymakers and practitioners involved in the business of democracy promotion.
The most serious obstacles to investment could be overcome if policy makers provided greater policy consistency and prioritised long-term strategic thinking over short-term interventionism, says the report.
The common theme of all essays contained in the book is that government interventionism in the free market causes economic and social destruction, and that a return to the free market is the only economically viable way Europe has to escape full disaster.
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