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  • verb

Synonyms for intervene



  • interrupt
  • involve yourself
  • put your oar in
  • interpose yourself
  • put your two cents in

Synonyms for intervene

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

be placed or located between other things or extend between spaces and events

Related Words

occur between other event or between certain points of time

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As a result, Ermineskin, Whitefish and Tourmaline withdrew as interveners in relation to Coalspur's applications for regulatory approval of the Vista project.
The orange grower, although producing the basic commodity, is the third intervener in importance, in the network.
Representatives of ACCA, participating as an intervener, agreed to the adjournment request to assess the possible proposed options.
The intervener shall be represented according to general representation rules.
NFU chief legal advisor Nina Winter said: "Given the potential implications of this, the NFU applied to be an intervener in the case, and to make submissions to the Court of Appeal, on behalf of the industry.
Pattison approaches this issue by considering the different normative qualities that are required for an intervener to be legitimate.
The ASLB--an independent body within the NRC that presides over hearings where the public can challenge proposed licensing and enforcement actions--is considering whether to grant intervener status to public interest groups.
She has been instrumental in teaching my daughter social skills, and has worked hard to make sure my daughter has an Intervener and services from California Deaf Blind services (my daughter is deaf-blind), as well as spending extra time training the Intervener.
The following quotation from Heinze suggests the distance between the language of Finkel's narrative and Heinze's argument: "Drawing primarily from the English School of international relations theory concerning the relationship between power and legitimacy, I then identify and explain three additional and interrelated elements of efficacy: multilateral legitimation, the humanitarian credentials of the intervener, and the position of the intervener in the prevailing international political context.
Previously, the school district had been required to keep large reserves after financial mismanagement caused the state to appoint a financial intervener in the school's affairs in 2002.
Tackling the number of card transactions, the intervener spoke of the disproportion between those of payment and those of withdrawal, underlining that the evolution rate of the number of payment transaction was only by 16.
I introduce a new kind of case, a Frankfurt Enabler case, in which bracketing the counterfactual intervener yields the wrong answer.
All three paraprofessionals and the intervener who participated in this study were female and represented a broad range of experience (from 9 months to 5 years), with an average of 4.
Last year we reported in Network that a public interest coalition of groups, including Women and Health Protection (WHP), was granted intervener status in the Charter challenge on direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising (DTCA) in Canada.
BAMN served as a co-defendant intervener in Grutter v.