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  • verb

Synonyms for intervene



  • interrupt
  • involve yourself
  • put your oar in
  • interpose yourself
  • put your two cents in

Synonyms for intervene

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

be placed or located between other things or extend between spaces and events

Related Words

occur between other event or between certain points of time

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India will have to intervene to end atrocities there.
Read more: Forex market: SBP keeping a close eye, will intervene in case of excess volatility, governor says
'I'm appealing to President Kenyatta to intervene because more than 500 teachers are suffering after losing the land,' he said.
5, 2018, Polli filed the motion to intervene, the motion to transfer and the motion to set aside entry of default.
Italy's European Affairs Minister, Paolo Savona, has opined that it is up to the ECB to intervene in Italy if a crisis arises in the nation.
Prospero de Vera III last Tuesday said universities have their respective disciplinary procedures and that the commission cannot just simply intervene and dictate higher education institutions (HEIs) on what to do in such cases.
Insisting he is still chief minister, Tan Sri Musa Aman last night issued a statement instructing the Sabah Attorney General (AG) to intervene in tomorrow's Petronas lawsuit on oil and gas rights.
"We do not intervene in the affairs of the Armed Forces," Duterte said.
According to Boujeh, they will be obliged to respond to the citizens by indicating that they are in the process of intervening, are planning to intervene or are not entitled to intervene because the place mentioned is not within their prerogatives.
Interveners commonly intervene on either side of a human rights or Charter dispute because these cases often deal with broad public policy issues.
A new video entitled "Intervene" aims to teach students how to safely intervene in--and hopefully prevent--sexual assault, sexual harassment, partner violence, hazing, and alcohol emergencies.
Summary: Bystanders don't always intervene in emergency situations to help people in need.
"Iran should respect the principle of good neighbourly relations, to focus on its internal situation and not intervene in the affairs of other countries in the region, mainly Iraq", he said.
Islamabad -- As per Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 45% Pakistanis believe that the army should only intervene in issues that concern it; 42% believe that it should also intervene in non-army issues.