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At certain intervals, the original wildness broke out in the natures of Brutus and Cassius.
At intervals, the original wildness in his nature broke out; he, too, lost all re lish for the comforts of home, and ungratefully left the house.
At intervals were heaps of green bread-fruit, raised in pyramidical stacks, resembling the regular piles of heavy shot to be seen in the yard of an arsenal.
At regular intervals they were bound round by a species of sinnate of various colours, and strips of native cloth flattened upon them here and there.
The frail form of a Woman, being liable to be shattered by such an approximation, must be preserved by the State; but since Women cannot be distinguished by the sense of sight from Men, the Law ordains universally that neither Man nor Woman shall be approached so closely as to destroy the interval between the approximator and the approximated.
And at this moment I can see your Line, or side -- or inside as you are pleased to call it; and I can see also the Men and Women on the North and South of you, whom I will now enumerate, describing their order, their size, and the interval between each.
But the imperfection in the geological record mainly results from another and more important cause than any of the foregoing; namely, from the several formations being separated from each other by wide intervals of time.
Many cases could be given of the lower beds of a formation having been upraised, denuded, submerged, and then re-covered by the upper beds of the same formation,--facts, showing what wide, yet easily overlooked, intervals have occurred in its accumulation.
At intervals, as we proceeded, I looked out through the window.
This cylinder, in order to maintain its equilibrium, had to be bound by iron bands, and firmly fixed at certain intervals by cross-clamps fastened into the stone lining; after the castings these would be buried in the block of metal, leaving no external projection.
In her brief intervals of repose, her brother watched the sick man in her place.
We both saw the patient at intervals in the course of the night.
But for months afterward, at irregular intervals of a few days, the voice was heard by the several members of the family, and by others.
I began it during the happier period of my life, and have continued it at intervals since.
At the time when they left the Bannacks Snake River was frozen hard: as they proceeded, the ice became broken and floating; it gradually disappeared, and the weather became warm and pleasant, as they approached a tributary stream called the Little Wyer; and the soil, which was generally of a watery clay, with occasional intervals of sand, was soft to the tread of the horses.