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Synonyms for intertwine

Synonyms for intertwine

make lacework by knotting or looping

make a loop in


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A wealth of lore concerning the famous pirate Blackbeard and his hideout intertwine with the captivating present-day adventure.
The complex intertwine in mnemonic field of all these issues is faced by Barbara Keller-Dall'Asta in its philosophical peculiarity with extreme terminological and conceptual accuracy and through the analysis of three sixteenth-century treatises which give evidence of the different cultural perspectives considered in that intertwine.
The development of global fiber balances will intertwine closely with regional production possibilities in tour or five basic fiber supply regions.
Theresa Maggio, on the other hand, describes--very vividly--just one place --an island off the coast of Sicily--and the human lives that intertwine with the bluefin tuna caught by these fisherfolk.
These two plots intertwine as Esther, Humphrey, and Mallory struggle to succeed in the white-male-dominated world of banking.
In the remaining fifteen essays legal analyses of canon and civil disputations concerning marriage (Giuliano Marchetto, "Matrimoni incerti tra dottrina e prassi" and "II 'matrimonium meticulosum'") intertwine with personal accounts that rely on individual court cases.
The work of men, women and children did not intertwine as it had, for instance, in producing cheese.
Themes of oblivion, religion, politics, and dreams intertwine with one another in a constant bevy of thoughts, ideas, memories, and events that occur in one character's life.
Yet, in the South Indian city of Bangalore, a teeming metropolis where digital technology and ancient customs intertwine, two recent dance festivals reflected India's ancient/contemporary dichotomy.
Neapolitan artist Maurizio Cannavacciuolo is known for his puzzlelike paintings and wall drawings that densely intertwine decorative patterns, sketches of architectural elements, and images of humans and animals.
In mock battle, they intertwine arms and roughly hoist each other into the air.
Her extremely plasticky colored lines are emphatically tactile, and they intertwine, at times piling up, without ever mixing.