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Synonyms for intertwine

Synonyms for intertwine

make lacework by knotting or looping

make a loop in


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NICE's implementation of call monitoring and recording systems for Intertwine, a Netherlands-based outsourcer of contact center services, helped Intertwine's management identify problem areas in the business processes of its customer Dutchtone, a Dutch mobile operator.
As when your gifted voice blurs out a silhouette of seductive sound/Pound for pound we intertwine.
Most of the 11 originals here sublimely intertwine the bitter and the sweet, and Allen delivers them in a voice that can flip mid-phrase from a twittering trill to a sharp-edged sneer.
Religious and spiritual themes intertwine with the refreshing wonder of simply being alive, and the deluxe version includes an enhanced audio/multimedia CD featuring readings of selected poems compatible with all CD players and Windows PC computers.
The bars and reeds intertwine at the abutments, making it appear that structure and nature are merging into one.
Though there are a million easy cliches "revolutionary" artists can (and continue to) trot out in the name of being cheaply resonant, Filipino MCs Kiwi and Bambu (who both completed solo projects before forming the group) seamlessly intertwine academic dissections of political issues with street language and complicated metaphors that will make you smile and wonder how they manage to cram so much meaning into a rhyme couplet.
You can read short feature stories on family farms in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States that intertwine with the 200 mostly vegan-friendly recipes in this cookbook.
A wealth of lore concerning the famous pirate Blackbeard and his hideout intertwine with the captivating present-day adventure.
The complex intertwine in mnemonic field of all these issues is faced by Barbara Keller-Dall'Asta in its philosophical peculiarity with extreme terminological and conceptual accuracy and through the analysis of three sixteenth-century treatises which give evidence of the different cultural perspectives considered in that intertwine.
Theresa Maggio, on the other hand, describes--very vividly--just one place --an island off the coast of Sicily--and the human lives that intertwine with the bluefin tuna caught by these fisherfolk.
These two plots intertwine as Esther, Humphrey, and Mallory struggle to succeed in the white-male-dominated world of banking.