interstellar medium

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interstellar space including streams of protons moving from the stars

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When older generations of stars came to the end of their life cycle, they shed heavier elements, made during the life of the star, into the interstellar medium.
Stars thus seem to be the "main source of power for the interstellar medium.
Wrobel's team now interprets the double signature as a single black hole shooting off jets; when the jets hit the interstellar medium, they form hot spots.
The discovery of the new galactic cloud, which is about 15,000 light-years from Earth, will help determine how these mysterious objects develop in the interstellar medium.
Among the topics are far-ultraviolet luminosity as a star formation rate tracer, modeling the double source-plane gravitational lens, the origins of the cosmic millimeter background, constraints on the star-forming interstellar medium in galaxies back to the first billion years of cosmic time, and dark matter annihilation and the cusp problem.
Also Dr Jeremy Yates, 'New insights on the interstellar medium from new surveys and computational modelling', and David Arditti, Sky Notes.
Some chapter topics include observations of interstellar and circumstellar ice, the galactic plane source populations revealed by AKARI, 3D dynamics of interactions between stellar winds and the interstellar medium, and near-infrared spectroscopy of brown dwarfs with AKARI.
Scientists hope that the chemical exploration of the interstellar medium with its gas and bits of dust will reveal clues about the H birth and evolution of galaxies, stars and planets.
The giant dish is a three-metre radio telescope, which will be used to observe the hydrogen that exists in the space between the stars, known as the interstellar medium.
The phenomenon leads to the matter being blasted out into the interstellar medium from NGC 5195, which is in the process of merging with its larger neighbor NGC 5194, also called the Whirlpool Galaxy.
These materials interact at the heliospheres edge to create a region known as the inner heliosheath, bounded on the inside by the termination shock which is more than twice as far from us as the orbit of Pluto and on the outside by the heliopause, the boundary between the solar wind and the comparatively dense interstellar medium.
Metals are formed during nuclear fusion within stars, and are spread throughout the interstellar medium when some of these stars grow old and explode.
This annual review contains 16 articles on astronomy and astrophysics, focusing on the interstellar medium, planetary structure and formation, different tools for understanding galaxy evolution, and black holes, as well as imaging spectroscopy and citizen science.
The dust survived the later onslaught of shock waves from the supernova explosion, and is now flowing into the interstellar medium where it can become part of the 'seed material' for new stars and planets," Lau said.
To explain the X-ray background, scientists proposed the local hot bubble--a cavity in the interstellar medium spanning hundreds of light-years that's filled with million-degree, X-ray-emitting gas.