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Synonyms for interspersion

the act of combining one thing at intervals among other things

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This allows uninterrupted operation and prevents surges, circuit feedback, radio interference and interspersion in highly sensitive plants, such as those used for measurement and control technology as well as solar, communication, engine and machine technology.
Twenty 1-y-old and ten 2-y-old animals were screened from larger populations, weighed, measured, and stocked, using systematic interspersion, into 4 replicate culture units per treatment combination.
The Guest Hall was elaborately and charmingly decorated: festoons of evergreens, whose sombreness was relieved by a tasteful interspersion of bright-hued flowers, and floral pendants alternated with lively-coloured Chinese lanterns, drooped from the roof, whilst the walls bore adornments both floral and pictorial.
This study focused on the three groups of statistics provided by the Patch Analyst, which are; i) patch size and density, ii) edge metrics, iii) diversity and interspersion metrics.
These opening lines of "East Coker" present us with the interspersion of two temporal cycles.
Interspersion of known and unknown facts is used to increase speed of completing facts.
then we find the interspersion of "real topography with
The stories of each mission unfold through the interspersion of historical explanation and mission-tape transcriptions.
The interspersion of Robert Jordan's and the gypsy's actions creates the scene's nervousness and confusion, catalyzed not by Rafael the person but by the confusing and odd circumstances that lead to Robert Jordan's fall and to the broken leg that fatally disables him.
For northern bobwhites, usable space requires fine-scale interspersion of brush for protective cover, open areas for forbs, and bare ground for foraging (Kuvlesky et al.
However, the interspersion of forests, wetlands and crops also provides good habitat for raccoons.
Replete with writing tips and sample assignments, their extensively researched text has much to recommend it, particularly the interspersion of 12 featured excerpts of film theory and criticism (called "Critical Voices").
Future research should consider a gradual reduction in the rate of reinforcement during the phases previous to the probes and the interspersion of reinforcement of responses that correspond to previously taught intraverbals.
Typically, variables related to choice of task, task variation, pace of instruction, interspersion of high-probability tasks, partial versus whole-task instruction, task difficulty, reducing learner errors, and so on have been included in the treatment packages to reduce escape-motivated problem behavior (Munk & Repp, 1994).