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Synonyms for intersperse

Synonyms for intersperse

place at intervals in or among

introduce one's writing or speech with certain expressions

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interspersing 90% known material in drill tasks was linked to increased on-task behavior and retention for these students, but as noted above, the 90% known condition also required more time to complete than the more challenging options.
Getting remedial mathematics students to prefer homework with 20% and 40% more problems: An investigation of the strengths of the interspersing procedure.
Over these smooth sounds the profuse baritone of James Avery narrates the main text of Bud, interspersing a plethora of characters and distinct personalities.
Preljocaj cuts up and rearranges Sergei Prokofiev's score, interspersing it with the sound of static and blowing wind.
Also entitled "Love, Janis," the CD reflects the format of the musical itself, interspersing original recordings by the 'Queen of Rock and Roll' with spoken-word selections that are excerpted from her letters and read by the actress in the stage show, Catherine Curtin.