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Synonyms for intersperse

Synonyms for intersperse

place at intervals in or among

introduce one's writing or speech with certain expressions

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interspersing 90% known material in drill tasks was linked to increased on-task behavior and retention for these students, but as noted above, the 90% known condition also required more time to complete than the more challenging options.
It's a light read with plenty of interesting factoids interspersing the text - it costs between $12,000 and $17,000, for instance, to be treated for a rattlesnake bite - and handy enough that one might consider tossing into a backpack for reference.
Reducing the amount you run reduces the accumulated fatigue while interspersing high intensity efforts maintains your fitness.
Over these smooth sounds the profuse baritone of James Avery narrates the main text of Bud, interspersing a plethora of characters and distinct personalities.
By interspersing configurable RAM between rows of logic, ViASIC's patented ViaMask fabric provides greater routing resources than any other structured ASIC architecture.